Souvenirs From Taiwan


There is a saying that “when we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in”  Nothing is more important than being Love.

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My brother just comes back from his Taiwan trip and he brought back a lot of souvenirs. Yesterday I was on leave because I bring my dad for an interview for US Visa application. Thereafter, we went back home to have breakfast together. I feel very grateful to have a happy and lovely family.

He bought back a lot of snacks from Taiwan. All of us enjoy the moment of family bonding. Is just a simple souvenirs but we all loved it. I notice one thing, The packaging of the Taiwan products is very colourful, cheerful and sweet. When you see the packaging you will feel happy. I like the Taro Cake packaging. Is full of the cartoon at the box. So cute.

As usual, when we are travelling, we will not forget our lovely Money boy boy. Money boy got his new year cloth. He is enjoying his new year apparel where come all the way from Taiwan.


I just love my brother so much, he knows I am a Starbucks collector. He bought me the Starbucks Taiwan mugs as my souvenir. He also bought a lucky charm for my husband. We decided to hang it in our room.


Sometimes nothing is more important than family love. We are too busy complaining about our life until we overlook how lucky we are actually. Be grateful and appreciate everything that we have.

사랑과 감사

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Hyo Sun Korean Restaurant at The Curve


Went out to The Curve to have dinner and I wanted to get some stationary for my 2018 planner. While walking we notice there are some new restaurants around and we decided to give a try at Hyo Sun Korean Restaurant. This Korean Restaurant located at The Curve, 1st floor, food concept is similar to KyoChon. Their speciality is also the Korean Fried Chicken.

Currently, they are having promotions, Honey Chicken Set with unlimited rice refill is RM10.90. Asian Chicken Set also unlimited rice refill is RM10.00.

I chose Honey Chicken Set because I feel the Asian Chicken Set is a bit like our Malay chicken rice. Of course for the price of RM10.90 is quite worth it to me because I have rice, chicken, soup, Kimchi (which is my favourite) and a dessert. The Honey chicken is actually very nice and is very crispy. I think they freshly cook because we were informed that we need to wait about 10 minutes for the chicken to be ready.

My husband chose the Honey Drumstick and also Crispy Drumstick. Each flavour cost RM11.50. My husband says both flavours are very good and the Crispy drumstick is really very crispy. He is very satisfied with the chicken taste.

Whoever visits Korean Restaurant, cannot be not ordering the Kimchi Soup. However, if I re-visit this restaurant again, I might not order the Kimchi Soup. The Kimchi soup portion is big and can share with 3 or more people. Is not very expensive too, such a big bowl soup cost RM13.90 with Toufu, chicken breast meat and vegetables inside. I will not order again because the soup taste is quite disappointed. Is not what I expected. I not sure why but it tastes weird. We did not finish the soup at the end.


Overall actually the chicken is nice. We will definitely come back for the chicken. However, if I was given a choice to choose between KyoChon and Hyo Sun, of course, I will still choose KyoChon because to me, the chicken is nicer, and the rice tastes nicer too. In terms of pricing, of course currently, Hyo Sun is cheaper because the price has included GST and they do not charge service charge currently.

My Fuchiko x Hello Kitty is also enjoying the food too. Hope they can improve their Kimchi Soup one day.

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Wonderful Christmas Celebration in Year 2017


Merry Christmas everyone! Today is boxing day so everyone has an additional day of Christmas Celebration. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas celebration with your loved one.

This year Christmas, I have lots of fun and is definitely a memorable one. It is also our 1st-month anniversary as a husband & wife. We celebrate our Christmas earlier. I bought a Gold Class ticket for Star Wars movie for his Christmas present. This little old boy enjoys his Christmas present so much because is his favourite movie.

The next day, I bring my mom to One Utama to just have casual shopping as I was on leave. After married, I am so not used to staying away from my parents. I miss them so much. Thank god we are not staying very far, is just like 15 minutes away. I really appreciate my father in law and mother in law because they live in a modern thinking lifestyle, they allow me to go back anytime if I want to. They both respect our privacy. My mother in law always tells me, if we have our own plan just inform her earlier then she will arrange her own plan with my father in law. Of course, currently I still not use to it with my new family even though me and my husband have been together for 11 years. I believe I will settle down in a few more months because I have a great in-law that makes me feel warm.

So, while window shopping with my mom, Take the opportunity to snap One Utama Christmas decorations. This year One Utama decorations are full of white cloud and snow. Is simple yet sweet. Life can be simple as long as is full of sweet memory.

Thereafter few days, my office has Christmas celebrations. I have a wonderful gathering with my office colleague as I am based at the site, so I hardly go into office headquarter. So we manage to have a great time and great food and great dessert.

On the actual of Christmas, we have a family one day trip to Genting Highland. Mommy is complaining that she hasn’t been Genting for 10 over years. So we decided to bring her up for a day trip. Although there aren’t many activities up there because the theme park is closed for renovation but we manage to experience the Christmas feel in First World Hotel. Snoopy is in Genting Highland! Genting has this theme which is “Tour The World With Snoopy”. This “tour” started on 1st November 2017 until 1st January 2018. I feel so lucky we manage to visit the “tour” before it ends.





They have this 3D SkySymphony show at the certain timing. I and my husband managed to enjoy the show while waiting for my parents to finish their Casino experience. Is so nice and cute and also very beautiful. I feel so lucky.

After the lovely Snoopy world tour end, we visited Premium outlet because I wanted to buy a Kipling backpack as my Cath Kidston backpack has torn off. I will be travelling to Singapore next year end of January to attend Anthony Robbins talk. So in order to have a durable and light backpack, Kipling is the best choice. Kipling at Premium outlet having sales, they have 25% off and on top of the 25%, you will enjoy additional 20% discount. So original price for my backpack is RM769.00. So after discount is RM464.40. I love my pink monkey =P. The pencil box is cheaper, They have 40% discount and on top of the 40%, you will enjoy additional 20% discount. So original price is RM169.00 so after discount is RM81.12. Christmas present for myself.


So we went back home with sweet memory, feeling happy and loved. Of course, everybody is very tired especially my brother because not only he is having bad cold flu, he has to drive all of us and when we are on the way back, we were stuck in bad traffic. Holiday tour is also a bad traffic day because when the holiday ends, everybody is travelling back too.

I fully utilise my 2017 Christmas. Filled up the Christmas with full of love. Not only that, I also have additional Christmas present from my mommy and daddy. Souvenir from Thailand. Starbucks Christmas tumbler and Thailand version tumbler. This year Thailand has this promotion where the customer who purchase 2 tumblers and will get a free Christmas bag. So mommy knows I am a Starbucks collector, so she bought 2 tumblers for me. Love you, mommy.


They will always complain that I have too many Hello Kitty around. However, parents love. Whenever they go, they will still buy Hello Kitty merchandise for me. Hello Kitty Zipper storage bags and also Mister Donut drinks container.


I love the zipper storage bags and each size has 2 designs.


5 more days to go and 2018 will arrive. I tell myself that my 2018 resolutions will be never complained about how bad my life is because my life is great, be grateful for everything I have, live with objectives and continue finding my passion. Life is beautiful and I am lucky that I have a life full of love and peace.

Happy holiday~~ #Love&Peace

A Week Off From The Insincere World


We have taken a week off from work to relax and to get away from the competitive world. The world where you face a lot of insincere people. While on leave, my dear fiancé faces some unhappy things but of course, life moves on and we let karma handle the rest. We tell ourself to enjoy every single moment we are together and appreciate every single day we have.

We went to PD Waterfront to have a walk and is a relaxing walk. Get to breathe the natural air and enjoy the clean wind blowing. Nature is always the best.

Then we went to Melaka to visit my uncle with my family. In the same time, one of the reasons we went to Melaka is to also purchase items for our wedding day. Chinese culture has a lot of rules and regulations. We take this opportunity to purchase some decorations items too.


Since we are there, we also drop by the famous Jonker Street Night Market. Of course, the crowd is crazy because is a long public holiday for Malaysian. So everybody is squeezing each other while walking. We manage to buy some local food and drinks there. A lot of store selling the same thing but each store has their own speciality. I think is because the place has become a tourist area, the food is expensive as well. We bought spend RM10.00 for one stick of sausage and one stick of scallop and RM18.00 for the large mango drinks. The sausage is good but the scallop my fiance say is not so delicious. Guess is because it has been left there for a while and the food is cold.

We manage to buy some local food and drinks there. A lot of store selling the same thing but each store has their own speciality. I think is because the place has become a tourist area, the food is expensive as well. We bought spend RM10.00 for one stick of sausage and one stick of scallop and RM18.00 for the large mango drinks. The sausage is good but the scallop my fiance say is not so delicious. Guess is because it has been left there for a while and the food is cold. The mango drink is alright but of course, we requested not to put sugar water so end up is more natural mango taste and not to say very sweet. Just nice.

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After the Melaka trip, we rush back to KL because we have to attend our college best friends wedding ceremony at the temple. We are very glad to be invited to attend their ceremony because is an eye opener for both of us. Different culture different style of praying ceremony.

At the morning we went to Sri Maha Mariamman Temple as both of them is having the praying ceremony there. The setting up is so cheerful and colourful. Thereafter, the night was buffet style dinner for their relatives. 11 years of friendship. Friendship never end.



I learning the Path To Peace. Today the path to peace says that Nothing Is More Virtuous Than Compassion, Sweeter Than Serenity, Purer Than Truth”. 

We just have to appreciate and love our family members and friends sincerely, the positive energy will always be with you. Tomorrow I will have to go back to the negative world, but I just have to maintain the positive mindset to eliminate the negative energy.


The Spirit Of the Beg-Packers


I was reading an article where one of my friends shared on Facebook. The article is reviewing negativity about the Beg-Packers who are begging for pocket money in order for them to travel around without money. When I was reading thru, in the same time, I was thinking, is it bad for beg-packers to beg at the roadside for extra income?

Honestly, I don’t think is so bad to the extent to have an article about how shameful they are to beg for pocket money in order to travel around. In the article, they mentioned that “Poverty, sickness and pure survival – just a few reasons why genuinely needy people beg on the streets for money”. But some needy people, they aren’t doing anything while begging.

Some beg-packers performing their skill while begging. Hey, is like an artist, they are entertaining you. Servicing you. They are not even forcing you to give them money. If you are willing to support their travel around the world without money spirit, just donate and support. If you are not, just don’t bother and walk away.

I honestly like the idea of printing the photo which was taken while travelling around on a postcard and sell it. To me I don’t think is begging. They are selling an item to you. If you like it, you buy it, if you don’t just walk away.  What is so shameful about it. Nobody is forcing you to give them money.

I personally feel that they are very bold. It takes a very huge and bold courage to travel without money. I won’t have the bold spirit like them of course and actually, I am kind of envy with their bold spirit. At least are not robbing and killing for money.

Just my personal opinion actually. Everyone deserves the right to be treated well. Beg-Packers are actually my idol because I am learning to live minimalist while reading their adventures journey. Hopefully one day I can be bold like them.

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Dinner @ The Jungle City Restaurant


#throwback Family dinner

I just realised I did not journal down my experience dining in at The Jungle City at Taman Bukit Maluri.

Brought my family to this Restaurant to celebrate Mothers Day and also my brother graduation celebration. This restaurant has a cute theme where is like as though you are having dinner in the jungle. I am not a food blogger, of course, I just wanted to share my experience and what is my opinion in terms of their food taste.

To me, their food is good and is worth re-visiting again if there is any celebration or gathering. The pricing is affordable and they are generous with the food portion. They have western food and Chinese food.  You need to do early booking before hand to avoid queuing if not you will have to arrive earlier before the dinner crowd.

After dinner, you can have a photo session with the Gorilla as well. =P I have shared some photos of the restaurant environment and also the food presentation for reference.

Pano view of the restaurant
Mushroom Soup – RM9.80


Tom Yam Seafood Fried Rice – RM16.80


Spaghetti Aglio Olio With Mushroom – 15.80



Fettuccine Carbonara – RM17.80



Hainanese Chicken Chop – RM19.80

Mongolian Chicken Chop – RM19.80

Salted Egg Chicken Chop – RM19.80


Orange Juice, Carrot Juice, Apple Juice (LARGE) – RM13.90 each

Happy Dinner

The Jungle City, Kitchen & Bar located at Taman Bukit Maluri. Can call them for booking at 03-6262 3332


Australia Work & Holiday Program 2017/18 (I have miss the boat)


Today I have learned my lesson. Attitude is really everything.

I have missed the opportunity to apply for the work and tour visa for Australia because of my “I will wait for tomorrow” attitude. Taking my own sweet time to wait for tomorrow where I have a lot of time to prepare. I was supposed to apply for the Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC) at the portal. I did not do it and wait for tomorrow.

While waiting for tomorrow to arrive, I received updates on Facebook the work and tour visa application is now open and I have yet to apply my CGC certificate where it will take 1-2 months to approve. I don’t think I will be able to make it anymore for this time round because there are only 100 visas distributed. Work & Tour Australia Visa is very popular and high in demand.

For those who have their documentation ready, you may start to apply now as the opening for registration is today. The documents that need to be ready before the application is:

  • a valid Certificate of Good Conduct that was issued within the previous 12 months where you can apply at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia
  • evidence of your educational qualifications
  • evidence of funds.

You may also refer to the Australia Embassy website for more information. All the best..



Do You Really Want to Be Happy?


So, do you want to be Happy?

If your answer is YES, then we have to stop complaining. “When you really want to be happy, you quit complaining” (Andrew Matthews). If we have hit a crisis, we have to learn to conquer it and be flexible to face and adjust any changes and challenges.

Andrew Matthews taught us to have plan B always. I reflect back myself I always feel frustrated when the outcome did not turn up as what  I expected. So now, each time I expected the outcome, I need to make sure I able to adjust the changes to plan B so that I will not disappoint myself.

I realise most of Happy People, they embrace changes. “Happy People welcome change” (Andrew Matthews). Changes allow you to learn more thing. Sometimes, the negative thought makes us unhappy. So we have to learn to change and control our negative thought.

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In order to be a Happy Person, Andrew Matthews also taught us to face the facts. There is a certain time, we are running away from facts that are where leading us to more negative thinking. Face the facts and learn to resolve any problem. I am learning not to avoid the problem. Instead, I tell myself to resolve every problem that occurs so that I will not face the same problem. I just have to open my minds and move forward.

In order to be Happy Person, we also need to adapt good habit.

Happiness is synthetic—you either create it, or you don’t. Happiness that lasts is earned through your habits. Supremely happy people have honed habits that maintain their happiness day in, day out. (Forbes, 10 Habits of Incredibly Happy People,2017 02 14)

Forbes tabulated 10 habits of Happy People:

  1. They slow down to appreciate life’s  little pleasures
  2. They exercise
  3. They spend money on other people
  4. They surround themselves with the right people
  5. They stay positive
  6. They get enough sleep
  7. They have deep conversations
  8. They help others
  9. They make an effort to be happy
  10. They have a growth mindset

I am practising at least 7 habits as listed above. Still learning and still exploring. I am learning. Learning together with my fiance. We want to have a healthy relationship and lovely lifestyle.


Life is very simple, surround ourselves with green and nature. Always feel Love and Appreciate, we will feel more calm and Happy.  




My First Experience of Travelling in the LRT Train.


Today is a quiet Saturday. I am on duty today and before I start work, I want to mark down my new experience while they are is still fresh in my mind.

I know this is weird, because like I have mentioned in my earlier post, I am a lucky girl. I have a wonderful family who loves me and protect me and taking care of me very well. That is why I never have to worry about accommodation, food, or even transportation.

When I graduated from secondary school and at the same time preparing to survey which college to join, my mum told me to choose a college near my home so that I don’t have to stay outside. Once I have settled the college, my parents bring me to buy a small car. At that time, I still can clearly remember that we have cash flow concern, but my dad insists on getting a car for me because he doesn’t want me to travel with the public transport. So, from the young age till today, I am 29, I always travel with my own transport. Never I travel anywhere with public transport except when I am travelling for a holiday in another country where I have to use the foreign country public transport to go around.

Yesterday because needed to go KLCC for a training, I was bit worry with the traffic at KLCC and unsure with the carpark location to the Convention Center. My superior advise me to use LRT where she was shocked when I told her I have never tried travel with LRT  Train so I am not sure how to use LRT to go KLCC. Her eyes pop and was like telling me “OMG, how could you”. (>..<) (Sorry boss, I am too lucky girl that I do not have to use public transport to travel around).

So yesterday was my first ever experience using LRT Train to KLCC. I should say this is the first time I am travelling alone in LRT Train. I am like a little girl exploring the station. Studying the route and which Platform to go.

The escalator is a start of my Journey to Explore LRT Station.
So basically the safe timing for last call is before approximately 11.00pm. 


Okay, which platform I should go? Oh Platform 1 (So Harry Potter feel)
Spend time reading in the train. Time well spent while travelling.


I really love the feeling of the new experience. I will never stop exploring~~

Happy Qing Ming. Thank You, GOD.


Sometimes, I will feel that my life is like a routine. Every day, When I woke up, I prepare myself to work, eat breakfast, plan for my daily to-do list work, go lunch, continue work, leave office, eat dinner and sleep. The next day, the same thing will happen.

Things happen so routinely that I have overlooked how beautiful life can be. We celebrate Ching Ming every year. Every year, I will follow my parents to go back hometown to clean and pay respect to our ancestors.

I have been doing it routinely till I did not realise, actually the scenery at this “cold” place is so beautiful in the morning. Why haven I notice that earlier. I feel lucky, is not too late for me to discover.

Happy Ching Ming

Photo taken at Seremban

It knocks up my mind up. Why do I have to live in this world absorbing the negative energy? I should enjoy every single thing which happening around me and love and appreciates every single thing that happens to me.

I was thinking, I should feel lucky that I do not have to wait till I “sleep” in the graveyard to notice the scenery. I should try very hard to love my life, appreciate everything I have now and never give up.

Things happen for a reason. Thank you, God, for giving me this chance. I am learning to discover myself and creating the colourful life for myself. I believe one day, I will be able to find myself if I never give up.