Self Healing is The Key to a Blissful Life

안녕하세요 Everybody wishes to have a better life, a blessed and blissful life. How to have a better life if most of the time you are being negative and giving your own self a lot of reason and excuses. Life is full of challenges at various point in life. If you do not stay strong,... Continue Reading →

Is Friday, Let’s Be Happy – 사랑스러워

안녕하세요 Today is Friday and I had a not so smooth day, but I am lucky to have a good superior who always reminding me to be positive and always have positive thoughts. Like what Andrew Matthews says, we attract what we feel. Uplifting thoughts attract uplifting experiences. Angry, victim type thoughts attract law energy... Continue Reading →

Be Calm and Stay Positive

After my uncle past away, I tried to reflect myself. What have I done? What am I doing? What I want to do? How I want to do it? Why I want this? Where should I start? All this question is jumbling around my mind and makes me feel that I really have to stay... Continue Reading →

Live Like Tomorrow is Your Last Day

Is a rainy day at KL and the time is 12.45am. I'm tired..but I still want to write down my story before I sleep. I hate this feeling of losing someone. Today I see him..tomorrow he is gone. No signal, no last word, not even goodbye. Life is short that you not able to predict... Continue Reading →

Book Lover Stuff 

Bought myself a book it so much...I am a book lover..I love stationaries very much..I am not crazy with handbags or fashions...but I am crazy with books and stationaries...  Bought this book jacket at MPH One Utama..cost me RM39.00. Not very cheap also not very expensive. Bought it just to reward myself. I start... Continue Reading →

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