Souvenirs From Taiwan


There is a saying that “when we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in”  Nothing is more important than being Love.

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My brother just comes back from his Taiwan trip and he brought back a lot of souvenirs. Yesterday I was on leave because I bring my dad for an interview for US Visa application. Thereafter, we went back home to have breakfast together. I feel very grateful to have a happy and lovely family.

He bought back a lot of snacks from Taiwan. All of us enjoy the moment of family bonding. Is just a simple souvenirs but we all loved it. I notice one thing, The packaging of the Taiwan products is very colourful, cheerful and sweet. When you see the packaging you will feel happy. I like the Taro Cake packaging. Is full of the cartoon at the box. So cute.

As usual, when we are travelling, we will not forget our lovely Money boy boy. Money boy got his new year cloth. He is enjoying his new year apparel where come all the way from Taiwan.


I just love my brother so much, he knows I am a Starbucks collector. He bought me the Starbucks Taiwan mugs as my souvenir. He also bought a lucky charm for my husband. We decided to hang it in our room.


Sometimes nothing is more important than family love. We are too busy complaining about our life until we overlook how lucky we are actually. Be grateful and appreciate everything that we have.

사랑과 감사

#LoveandPeace #LoveandGratitude

A Week Off From The Insincere World


We have taken a week off from work to relax and to get away from the competitive world. The world where you face a lot of insincere people. While on leave, my dear fiancé faces some unhappy things but of course, life moves on and we let karma handle the rest. We tell ourself to enjoy every single moment we are together and appreciate every single day we have.

We went to PD Waterfront to have a walk and is a relaxing walk. Get to breathe the natural air and enjoy the clean wind blowing. Nature is always the best.

Then we went to Melaka to visit my uncle with my family. In the same time, one of the reasons we went to Melaka is to also purchase items for our wedding day. Chinese culture has a lot of rules and regulations. We take this opportunity to purchase some decorations items too.


Since we are there, we also drop by the famous Jonker Street Night Market. Of course, the crowd is crazy because is a long public holiday for Malaysian. So everybody is squeezing each other while walking. We manage to buy some local food and drinks there. A lot of store selling the same thing but each store has their own speciality. I think is because the place has become a tourist area, the food is expensive as well. We bought spend RM10.00 for one stick of sausage and one stick of scallop and RM18.00 for the large mango drinks. The sausage is good but the scallop my fiance say is not so delicious. Guess is because it has been left there for a while and the food is cold.

We manage to buy some local food and drinks there. A lot of store selling the same thing but each store has their own speciality. I think is because the place has become a tourist area, the food is expensive as well. We bought spend RM10.00 for one stick of sausage and one stick of scallop and RM18.00 for the large mango drinks. The sausage is good but the scallop my fiance say is not so delicious. Guess is because it has been left there for a while and the food is cold. The mango drink is alright but of course, we requested not to put sugar water so end up is more natural mango taste and not to say very sweet. Just nice.

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After the Melaka trip, we rush back to KL because we have to attend our college best friends wedding ceremony at the temple. We are very glad to be invited to attend their ceremony because is an eye opener for both of us. Different culture different style of praying ceremony.

At the morning we went to Sri Maha Mariamman Temple as both of them is having the praying ceremony there. The setting up is so cheerful and colourful. Thereafter, the night was buffet style dinner for their relatives. 11 years of friendship. Friendship never end.



I learning the Path To Peace. Today the path to peace says that Nothing Is More Virtuous Than Compassion, Sweeter Than Serenity, Purer Than Truth”. 

We just have to appreciate and love our family members and friends sincerely, the positive energy will always be with you. Tomorrow I will have to go back to the negative world, but I just have to maintain the positive mindset to eliminate the negative energy.


Dinner @ The Jungle City Restaurant


#throwback Family dinner

I just realised I did not journal down my experience dining in at The Jungle City at Taman Bukit Maluri.

Brought my family to this Restaurant to celebrate Mothers Day and also my brother graduation celebration. This restaurant has a cute theme where is like as though you are having dinner in the jungle. I am not a food blogger, of course, I just wanted to share my experience and what is my opinion in terms of their food taste.

To me, their food is good and is worth re-visiting again if there is any celebration or gathering. The pricing is affordable and they are generous with the food portion. They have western food and Chinese food.  You need to do early booking before hand to avoid queuing if not you will have to arrive earlier before the dinner crowd.

After dinner, you can have a photo session with the Gorilla as well. =P I have shared some photos of the restaurant environment and also the food presentation for reference.

Pano view of the restaurant
Mushroom Soup – RM9.80


Tom Yam Seafood Fried Rice – RM16.80


Spaghetti Aglio Olio With Mushroom – 15.80



Fettuccine Carbonara – RM17.80



Hainanese Chicken Chop – RM19.80

Mongolian Chicken Chop – RM19.80

Salted Egg Chicken Chop – RM19.80


Orange Juice, Carrot Juice, Apple Juice (LARGE) – RM13.90 each

Happy Dinner

The Jungle City, Kitchen & Bar located at Taman Bukit Maluri. Can call them for booking at 03-6262 3332


Dinner @ Xin Xin Yong Hoe Seafood Restaurant

안녕하세요 🎈🎉🎂❤️

🎈🎉🎂❤️ Happy birthday to my beloved mum.

Is her birthday and we brought her to eat something special and different. My brother found this restaurant through online and he wanted to try out the food.

This whole big decoration food cost RM580.00 exclude the rice and drinks. In my opinion, the food is good but because of less of vegetables and full of meat, towards the end, we feel bored with the food and all of us not able to continue the food.

This Xin Xin Yong Hoe Seafood restaurant is at No.5-G,Persiaran KIP 3,Taman Perindustrian KIP. 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



First Time Experience of Pampering Myself and Loving Myself


Few more days to go and I am preparing for our Pre-Wedding photo shooting. Like I always tell myself, time to love myself more. Time to slow down, and have some time for myself. Today is my first-time experience where I pampered myself with pedicure and manicure.

Went to the shop near my working place. The feeling was funny because living in this world for 29 years never I step into this kind of shop because I always feel that I don’t deserve all this and I don’t need all this. However, when my fiance told me that since we have been spending so much money on the photo shooting might as well make it nice and enjoyable moment. So I decided to take this chance to experience the ladies session.

The shop name is Pinch.Nail.Bakery in Oasis Village, Oasis Square. Very nice staff and very helpful because I told her I have no experience so she has to guide me what to do each time. She is very patient in explaining to me all the ingredients they are using and the package they have.

Pampering My Leg with Warm Water


“So sorry pretty, I guess you need a lot of effort to remove my dry skin”


I told the beautician I want a simple design because I still need work and I don’t want to scare people away with a colourful nail during office hour. Pinch nail polish is gel type and is organic so is very safe for our nail. Total 2 hours spent in there. Time well spent because I have a good time chatting with the nail beautician and a relaxing moment there.

Of course, I will not drop by very frequent like how other ladies always do, but will definitely go back when my actual day wedding is nearer.

Pretty Nail Art. Love it So Much

First Love Yourself, Other Will Come Next~~~



via Photo Challenge: Security

Was reading thru @Krista blog post about Security. Reminds me of my lovely boy boy, Monnie. He was also an abandoned dog. He was found on the highway. My brother girlfriend brings him home worried that he might get knock down by car.

However, maybe because of feeling insecure in the unfamiliar environment, he bit her brother. Her mother was not very comfortable after the incident and decided to give it away for adoption. While waiting for him to be adopted by another family, my boy stays with us.

We wanted to adopt him, but my mum doesn’t like pets. So she insists not to keep him. I think God wants us to keep him because, after 5 attempts of trying to deliver to another family, it always with the obstacle. So end up, my mum gave up and our wish come true. We can keep Monnie boy.

He is with us for the 5th years now. We have gone thru lots of challenges in this 5 years. Monnie boy too. He was so close to the heaven door last December 2016, due to IMPA infections. Thank God he is a very strong boy and he fights very hard together with all of us. I think he knows we love him lots and he love us too. He went thru the challenge and now is back healthy.

Monnie boy just gotten his hair cut last Sunday. Each time, after he cut his hair, we have to ensure he wears his shirt because he is cold. Look at this naughty boy, how he wear his shirt while sleeping. 😅 I guess he feel comfortable and secure with us.

He is now part of our family. He has same surname as us. He is now like my parent youngest son and our little brother. He travels everywhere together with us (except when we have to travel oversea). I hope he can stay with us as long as possible, because we love him very much.

A Day Visit To Bukit Melawati (Photoblog)


Is after work, going thru my photography, found pictures which I have taken at Bukit Melawati, Kuala Selangor. It reminds me to appreciate everything and be gratitude with every single thing which is happening.

A mother’s heart is always with her children. No matter how old is their child. I am getting married soon. Nervous. Whenever I think about it sometimes it makes me happy but it sometimes makes me nervous because once I’m married, I will be shifting over to live with my husband. This picture reminds me how my mommy pampered me with her love even though I am already 29 years old >O<



In this earth, everybody has a hearts. Everybody have feelings. As long as you are breathing the oxygen on this earth, you will have all these. Even though they are animals. The have feelings and hearts. When I am there visiting, I realise these monkeys are very friendly. I guess they are used to visitors come and go. They are good poser as well. Love their beautiful eyes.



C8384E5D-2F78-4CE9-ADD0-DE3C4968E1A844C8B77E-9D2D-40F0-9243-588E611D9F6AThose innocent looks. So beautiful and pure. I think they can be better than us human beings. Sometimes, we human are the cruel creatures that destroy their life. Just hope that one day we can live more peacefully together with sincere heart. Every living on earth deserves a good life.

Roads That I am Going Thru Now


I am going thru a loss and fighting moment. A moment where I am looking for my passion and my goal. Looking for the road that I want to arrive one day.

That is why I am hoping that one day I will be able to get the destination I want to. I am missing the Blue Mountain in Australia. Is beautiful and cooling. The feeling is so good after a long walk, we found this wonderful place.

I know my road path is not going to be easy, but I hope that difficult roads will lead to the beautiful destination.

Blue Mountain WaterfallPhoto taken at Australia, Blue Mountain.

헹폭하다 안금패

Cultivate A Positive Energy (Photoblog)


I constantly reminding myself with my objective, which is searching for #MyColourfulLife. While searching, I realise one of the most important things is to cultivate positive energy.

I learn to use my photography and add in a positive quote to constantly remind myself to stay positive. I was reading through and article in Entrepreneur and the title was “10 Habits that will dramatically Improve Your Life“.

And one of the points that I love the most is “stay away from people who erode your quality of life” That is why I insert it into my nature and beautiful flower picture.

Cultivate positive energy
Photo capture at The Gardens By The Bay,Singapore, in Rain Forest.

Continue my journey with #MyColourfulLife~~

Blue Day~~ (Photoblog)


Another weekend ended. As usual, Monday is always being classified as “blue”.

Today is my Blue day too. Injured my leg after 10KM marathon run on last Saturday. Moving around is not convenient today. So today I will be doing more office task.

While going thru my photography, I was thinking why people always say “Monday Blue”. According to ColorMatters, Blue is embraced as a colour of heaven and authority. Most blues conveys a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness and understanding.

While reading further, then only I notice blue is symbolised as depression in American culture.  Now I know where Monday Blue come from.

But, in my opinion, I don’t feel the blue colour is that negative. Is nice and calm. Just like the blue flower. Feel so beautiful and sweet with the mixture of green. So Monday is not so blue anymore =) So, start searching my #ColourfulLife now…

Photo taken at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore during last year Christmas 2016.