Customer Service & Right Attitude

What should you do if you are working with irresponsible people? Everybody want things to be perfect and hope that things go well. I also understand that nothing always goes right sometimes but it can't be too frequent. As a front liner, I always wish that I able to provide the best services and best... Continue Reading →

Family Relationship vs Career

If you have to choose between family and career which one will you choose? My answer is always family. I will let go anything for my family. I always prefer to choose simple life. Career is important too but what is life without family love. I just want to work happily and learn as much... Continue Reading →

Tired but Satisfied

Today I am very tired because my manager disappeared again the whole day and I have been running around bringing prospect viewing the unit. Sometimes is also an advantage that he is not around because at least I able to have a quiet and peaceful environment to complete my task. So, today I can say... Continue Reading →

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