Biotherm Facial Products (photoblog)

안녕하세요 Replenish my facial products. Pampered myself with something more useful compared to having branded bags shoes. I don't spend more branded material but I do spend more on the facial. Of course branded bags and shoes I can show to the whole world, but I don't need to show what ever I have to... Continue Reading →

Biotherm Promotions

Is time to replenish my facial stock. Luckily I did not replenish earlier. Currently One Utama is having thematic booth which is "Be You" Roadshow.  There are few beauty booth there, I can see Caring Pharmacy, O.P.I, thai message and a lot more.. The one I am interested is Biotherm Booth because is time for... Continue Reading →

Restock time…

Every girls love to be pretty... That is why most of the girls spend half of their salary on facial and make up items.. For me...I spend on good facial products.... I never like to make up because I am a lazy person..I have been using Biotherm products for many many years..  I love their... Continue Reading →

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