Life Is Too Short To Be Waste

Was shocked when I heard that my uncle pass away on 23rd June 2014. The news come too sudden that I feel so unbelievable. How can a person life being so unpredictable. Today he is fine, tomorrow he is gone. We will not be able to see him again. We will not get to talk... Continue Reading →

Completed another marathon run.

Finally completed another year of Brunsfield marathon run. Last year I got 10th place, this year 9th place. Improving. I never like sport when I was young. I never thought of one day I will love running. I start running or exercising since 2 years ago. I love the feeling while running with my music... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine & Chap Goh Mei

I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day normally with my love one as I feel as long as we handle our relationship in a proper manner, every day will be Valentine's day. Me and my the other half have been together for close to 8 years and I do appreciate every single thing that he has... Continue Reading →

Tired but Satisfied

Today I am very tired because my manager disappeared again the whole day and I have been running around bringing prospect viewing the unit. Sometimes is also an advantage that he is not around because at least I able to have a quiet and peaceful environment to complete my task. So, today I can say... Continue Reading →

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