Happy International Women’s Day

안녕하세요 I know yesterday is the actual day for Women's Day but don't you think we should love ourself every day and we should appreciate and respect other women like every day? I was going through some quotation/positive message at Pinterest. Is so nice and amazing. I feel more motivated to focus more on self-love... Continue Reading →

Good Things Take Time

안녕하세요 People always say Good Things Take Time. Yap, to find my happiness and also the living purpose of my life takes time too. Seriously is not easy because there were times when I feel like give up and walk away with what I have started. Frustration and tired feeling drag you down to a... Continue Reading →

Habits Of Happy People

안녕하세요 Everybody wants to be Happy or wish to be Happy. However, not everybody able to achieve that. There are always excuses for you to be unhappy. Today you tell yourself to be happy because it is a good brand new day, however, at work, your superior rejected your idea and did not give you... Continue Reading →

Smile and Let It Go~~

안녕하세요 Yes, is only 3rd month of the New Year and we have already faced so many unhappy news. For us in Malaysia has changed a new government and we have the 8th Prime Minister. A lot of Malaysian are unhappy with the result and start complaining and complaining and complaining. Me? Instead of using... Continue Reading →

Happy FriYAY!!

안녕하세요 Sometimes I always wonder, is I am moving too slow or the time is moving too fast? It feels like it was just yesterday we started our February 2020 and today we have to say goodbye to February and Hello March 2020. I appreciate my February 2020 and ending it with one quote from... Continue Reading →

Let’s Hope For Peace, Love, Happiness

안녕하세요 Hi Monday, is another new week again. Yesterday my husband was watching this LIVE news about our Malaysia politics and because I am not a person who follows about politics updates so I asked him what happen again to our government. He explains to me that they want to form a new Government. I... Continue Reading →

How Do You Practice Grateful?

안녕하세요 Is Friday again and I want to thank you, GOD, for giving me good health and a healthy family. I had a great week (although there are some hiccups but is manageable). Thank you to my parents and my parents in law who is always there when I need some hand and thank you... Continue Reading →

What is Living Minimalist To You?

안녕하세요 A lot of people mentioning about Living Minimalist. But do you actually understand what is Living Minimalist? Some say living minimalist is to remove all the clutters at home, some say eating simple food is minimalist living as well. So what is living minimalist to you? To me living minimalist is to live in... Continue Reading →

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