Imposter Syndrome


I was going thru my blog draft and I just notice I have yet to share this article where I found on Cleo Magazine for the month February 2017. The article is sharing about people with “Imposter Syndrome”. I am not a Psychologies of course and when I was reading the article I do not know what is Imposter Syndrome. So I went on Google to obtain more details.

People with imposter syndrome always have self-doubt that they are not good enough and always feel that whatever they do is wrong even though they are quite successful.  Valerie Young, a writer of The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer From the Imposter Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It, has categorised imposter patient into 5 subgroups:

  1. The Perfectionist
  2. The Superwoman/man
  3. The Natural Genius
  4. The Rugged Individualist
  5. The Expert

Read more in FastCompany.Com.

According to Forbes Online article, 70% of people have suffered the Imposter Syndrom including the writer. So I was wondering am I suffering from this syndrome because I always have self-doubt that I am not good and everything I do is always not perfect. However, if I look back the 5subgroups categories by Valerie Young, I don’t think I am in those categories. I guess mine is more of no confidence and no passion. =)


Forbes Online writer explains 4 ways to overcome the Imposter syndrome:

  1. Focus on the value you bring; not on attaining perfection
  2. Own your success. You didn’t get lucky by chance
  3. Cease comparison. They’re an act violence against oneself.
  4. Hold firm to ambition. Risk outright exposure.

Sometimes, is not easy to realise if we are the victim or not until 3rd party highlighted to us. Hope that people with Imposter Syndrome can escape from the Syndrome and be a happy person. Appreciate life with full of Love and Gratitude.

Roads That I am Going Thru Now


I am going thru a loss and fighting moment. A moment where I am looking for my passion and my goal. Looking for the road that I want to arrive one day.

That is why I am hoping that one day I will be able to get the destination I want to. I am missing the Blue Mountain in Australia. Is beautiful and cooling. The feeling is so good after a long walk, we found this wonderful place.

I know my road path is not going to be easy, but I hope that difficult roads will lead to the beautiful destination.

Blue Mountain WaterfallPhoto taken at Australia, Blue Mountain.

헹폭하다 안금패

Cultivate A Positive Energy (Photoblog)


I constantly reminding myself with my objective, which is searching for #MyColourfulLife. While searching, I realise one of the most important things is to cultivate positive energy.

I learn to use my photography and add in a positive quote to constantly remind myself to stay positive. I was reading through and article in Entrepreneur and the title was “10 Habits that will dramatically Improve Your Life“.

And one of the points that I love the most is “stay away from people who erode your quality of life” That is why I insert it into my nature and beautiful flower picture.

Cultivate positive energy
Photo capture at The Gardens By The Bay,Singapore, in Rain Forest.

Continue my journey with #MyColourfulLife~~

Negative Day Vs Positive Day


Yesterday only I found out the reason behind White Valentine’s Day and is celebrated first in Japan in the year of 1978 and dated a month after Valentine’s Day.

I never understand the reason behind White Valentine but it reminds me of white colour. The white colour is always linked to pure, clean and positive. I remember capturing a photo of a white flower in Gardens By The Bay during my last trip to Singapore. Then, without waiting, I posted on my Instagram.

Today is my bad day. I accidently absorb the negative energy due to work. I never understand why a human being so scary. Their mind is full of bad intention. I seriously not sure do I still want to stay in the corporate world. I hate this scary world. They make me feel insecure because I am not sure when these bad intentions will drop on me. I feel very demotivated suddenly.

While feeling lost and negative, this photo pop up in my mind. It reminds me to stick to my objectives. Be kind, be positive, be simple and continue creating my colourful life. Never allow the negativity pull me down.

That is why I insert the Power of Positivity quote inside the photo and it has become my Mac wallpaper.

Pure Flower Photo taken at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore.

I need to ensure negativity stay away from me. Never give up!


Blue Day~~ (Photoblog)


Another weekend ended. As usual, Monday is always being classified as “blue”.

Today is my Blue day too. Injured my leg after 10KM marathon run on last Saturday. Moving around is not convenient today. So today I will be doing more office task.

While going thru my photography, I was thinking why people always say “Monday Blue”. According to ColorMatters, Blue is embraced as a colour of heaven and authority. Most blues conveys a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness and understanding.

While reading further, then only I notice blue is symbolised as depression in American culture.  Now I know where Monday Blue come from.

But, in my opinion, I don’t feel the blue colour is that negative. Is nice and calm. Just like the blue flower. Feel so beautiful and sweet with the mixture of green. So Monday is not so blue anymore =) So, start searching my #ColourfulLife now…

Photo taken at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore during last year Christmas 2016.

My First Artwork

안녕하새요 제 이름은 안금패

I am not a creative person, I am also not an art person but I like art. I always very curious how all the art pieces being created. I am very impressed with people who can produce beautiful art.

So, I took a step ahead to take part time course to learn Illustrator. I couldn’t use hand to draw, so I use the system to draw an art.

Today I try to use illustrator to come out with bubble effect artwork. Not perfect, but I am happy for a start. I will never give up my Illustrator skill and also my Korean Language. So my first Artwork with my Korean Name.

Korean Name_V1__Artboard 2

Nothing is easy, as long as I stick with my objectives, I believe I will be able to do it.



Present for “Me” on International Women’s Day


Today is International Women’s Day and I have bought a present for myself which is signed up a web-design course. I am surprised that Job Street has ventured into educational field. That are offering an online course for Web Design. So I was thinking, why not since they have instalment payment for the course.

I know I will be busy with my wedding preparation, but in the same time, I am actually planning to expand my skills. I am searching for “Myself”. Have been a lost girl for 29 years, have been living for others for 7 years. Is time to live for me now.

Is not going to be easy because I am a slow learner, but I hope one day I will be able to find myself. Fuchiko x Hello Kitty will accompany my journey of searching.

절대 포기하지 마새요, 안금패

Monday Blue? (Photoblog)


Monday is always blue. Feeling very tired. Somebody told me that I am thinking too much. That is why I feel so tired. I seriously do not know what am I thinking. I am just seeking for an answer.

So after work,  I took the opportunity to share my last Saturday shooting during I am on duty. One of my tenants have organised a Carnival and he called it Carnival for the community. So, I was on duty and I manage to snap some nice photo during the carnival.

This quotation is my favourite quotation. This can be found on their Library Cafe glass panel. Yes, is a library cafe. I will love this cafe because I always love library.

So, this carnival is for the family crowd. Therefore kids activities is a must to have. So they have few counters which are doing art and craft. One of it that attract my attention is this postcard art. I love nature, I love greenery. Isn’t it beautiful.

Another art booth they have is Batik Art. Kids have the opportunity to experience batik colouring. Look at the colours. Just like my theme of 2017, “Colourful Lifestyle”.

Let’s have a wonderful time with colours and nature… They make me feel happier and relax. I seriously hope I able to be more relax and happy. The most important thing is to be MYSELF!

Preparing For My Big Day


I have been busy confirming various booking for my big day. I never know that wedding preparation will be so a havoc. I wanted a simple and small scale wedding dinner. However, I just realise that even a simple dinner, the preparation is massive. In addition, especially Chinese Wedding, more rules & regulations that needed to follow.

I try to remind myself to be positive because I have lots of feedback that during the preparation, both parties will have an argument and unhappy moments. That is why I choose to stay positive and calm to avoid unnecessary argument.

So, for now, I have confirmed the wedding dinner venue, pre-wedding photographer, actual day wedding photographer and videographer, emcee of the night, entertainment band of the night and also our wedding car =)

So, Every girl’s dream is to be a princess on the big day. I guess, is my turn. Never thought of walk into the bridal shop. First time seeing so many beautiful white gowns. We are suppose to have meeting’s with the photographer in the middle of March.

I always wanted to own a G-Shock watch. So, we decided to buy a pair of G-Shock for our pre-wedding shooting. Is not a couple watch, but at least is a G-Shock. The male version cost RM1,369.00 and the female version cost RM789.00. The female version is the latest edition.

Hoping that everything will goes smoothly..  행복한 결혼식

Photoblog – Marina Bay Mall


Today is Friday and I wanted to start off with a relaxing task.

I decided to upload a photo which I feel passionate about on my Instagram. Took this photo at Marina Bay Mall, Singapore during Christmas Eve. I am very impressed with Singapore. They might be small but they are so developed.

It makes me feel that as long as we are passionate with good intention, you still able to do a good job. I wishing my country can be like that as well. Is not going to be easy because most of them do not have the right mindset.

May everyone has a wonderful weekend. ❤️