My Essential Oil Journey Begin


As an when your age grows older, you no longer pursue materialistic goals. Instead, you seek for a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle where you want a Happy Family, a happy partner, a Happy Day.

I heard about essential oil but I did not really get involved with it till my cousin was telling me about it and my colleague was telling me how powerful this oil is. There is where I start doing research and study more about this special oil. I always have a perception that all this kind of aromatic oil will cause cancer in long-term usage because the smell contains chemical ingredients.

After studying about essential oil and my colleague provided me with a few sample, there is where I understand that essential oil is harmless if we have chosen a pure essential oil. I used to have a bottle of essential oil where I got it from Muji. There is no guarantee from Muji that is pure essential oil but it stated “blend essential oil” so I only used it once a while for fragrance purpose.

So I decided to give a try when I attended their 2017 Post Convention Tour – Malaysia. They have this promotion where you will get a free umbrella when purchasing their enrollment set. So my fiance told me to get the Home Essential Kit + Fractionated Coconut Oil and the whole set cost about RM1,345.00 with 260PV. I still studying about this PV concept. Trying to understand how it works because it seems that the more PV you have, you can redeem with other essential oil.

I love the lapel pin which is a door gift during the 2017 Post Convention Tour – Malaysia. I still thinking where can I pin this. =)

I have been using the oil for about a week and still doing research and testing on the oil. So far so good, but new to this so hoping that I will be able to help more people once I master this lovely oil.

Happy Deepavali


Today is a public holiday and I will like to take this chance to wish all my Indian friends, Happy Deepavali and to others Happy Holiday.

Deepavali is a festival of colours and I take this chance to illustrate the colourful artwork. My blog is about how I go thru my colourful life. I still searching for my colourful soul and hoping I will find it one day.  Today the whole day I was taking a long rest after breakfast because I haven’t been having a good sleep for quite some time. I thank you god for giving me this rest time, provide me with a good place to rest and meditate.

Deepavali 2017-01.png

Thank You, God.

About Art


I always very curious about art. Each time I see an art piece I will always be curious how the artist does it. I feel very jealous and always tell myself how I wish I can draw as well. However in the same time, I also always give myself the same excuse which is “I’m not creative”.

Yesterday when I was buying things for my wedding preparation, I drop by MPH Bookstore and I found this interesting box. I was curious about it so I bought it with the price of RM38.00. At the beginning, I thought the book is letting owner practice drawings. End up the book actually is like a  128 page of a reference book about drawings. Together with 3 graded drawing pencils and 3 graded charcoal pencils.

So, is really a beginner’s guide book about drawings. =) I have not really go thru yet. Once I have spare time, will definitely share if this guide is useful.

One True Love by Barbara Freethy



A new month has arrived and a new weekend arriving. Time flies too fast that sometimes I not able to catch up. I just finished another book of Barbara Freethy, One True Love.

I know this story is a fiction story, but it really touches my heart and I feel being in love. This story is about how a heart broken girl who run away from facing the reality after a very bad incident happened 8 years ago. Leaving behind her family and her husband or ex-husband to a city and have become a corporate lady with her own career and a new boyfriend who is older than her about 20 years old.

When I finished reading this book, I suddenly thought of this quote “True Love Will Always Find A Way To Come” because nobody how Lisa run away from facing the reality, true love will lead her to the path where she supposes to be. True love, lead her to come back to her true love and family.

Sometimes, you can also learn from a fiction story book. They might be fictional, but there is always a learning lesson that you can pick up from the whole story. To me, Lisa story makes me think about myself. Have a been facing the reality or just always running away from it. I never know myself, I never know what I want and I never have a direction for my life.

And LOVE leads me slowly and step by step to the correct direction. I fall in love with my fiance once again. We both are learning how to love each other and how to be open to each other. Nobody is perfect. We all have weaknesses. However, both of us is learning how to love each other. I am glad that we both did not give up during our hard time. Few more months, it will be our 11 years anniversary. I think we need to plan for our anniversary’s honeymoon.

Bought Barbara Freethy e-book at Amazon for $2.99. Love my Kindle so much.



First Time Experience of Pampering Myself and Loving Myself


Few more days to go and I am preparing for our Pre-Wedding photo shooting. Like I always tell myself, time to love myself more. Time to slow down, and have some time for myself. Today is my first-time experience where I pampered myself with pedicure and manicure.

Went to the shop near my working place. The feeling was funny because living in this world for 29 years never I step into this kind of shop because I always feel that I don’t deserve all this and I don’t need all this. However, when my fiance told me that since we have been spending so much money on the photo shooting might as well make it nice and enjoyable moment. So I decided to take this chance to experience the ladies session.

The shop name is Pinch.Nail.Bakery in Oasis Village, Oasis Square. Very nice staff and very helpful because I told her I have no experience so she has to guide me what to do each time. She is very patient in explaining to me all the ingredients they are using and the package they have.

Pampering My Leg with Warm Water


“So sorry pretty, I guess you need a lot of effort to remove my dry skin”


I told the beautician I want a simple design because I still need work and I don’t want to scare people away with a colourful nail during office hour. Pinch nail polish is gel type and is organic so is very safe for our nail. Total 2 hours spent in there. Time well spent because I have a good time chatting with the nail beautician and a relaxing moment there.

Of course, I will not drop by very frequent like how other ladies always do, but will definitely go back when my actual day wedding is nearer.

Pretty Nail Art. Love it So Much

First Love Yourself, Other Will Come Next~~~