Yes, We Are Married!


Have been missing for few months because of busy preparing for my big day. Wedding preparation is seriously crazy. Is so tiring but of course is a fun day too. Celebrating our big day with our beloved family and very close friend.

25th November 2017, there is where I begin my new journey, have my own new family. To be a good wife. 02nd October 2006, is where we started our love story. We have gone through a lot of things. Happiness and sadness. Of course, nothing is perfect, we both have our own weaknesses but the most important is we learn to compromise, learn to communicate with each other and we learn to be open to each other. There is still a lot of things to learn, so we both are constantly learning.

We did not have a very huge and grand wedding ceremony and dinner, but we have a very warm and full of love ceremony and dinner. 27 tables that consist of both side family and very very close friends. We really appreciate all of them taking their precious time off to celebrate our big day.

Of course, the day will not be smooth and success without our videographer, Gary & Alvin from Armadale Weddings. Our photographer Hanz from Omelette and our driver of the day Khoo from Rent a VW Kombi or Bettle in Malaysia. I can’t wait to see our video and also our photos capture on the day. As for our driver Khoo, we both seriously appreciate your patient and time. Never rush us while we took photo with the lovely car.

Hanz has posted some photos on his Facebook page. Hope to see more soon.

Picture capture by Hanz from Omelette


A Week Off From The Insincere World


We have taken a week off from work to relax and to get away from the competitive world. The world where you face a lot of insincere people. While on leave, my dear fiancé faces some unhappy things but of course, life moves on and we let karma handle the rest. We tell ourself to enjoy every single moment we are together and appreciate every single day we have.

We went to PD Waterfront to have a walk and is a relaxing walk. Get to breathe the natural air and enjoy the clean wind blowing. Nature is always the best.

Then we went to Melaka to visit my uncle with my family. In the same time, one of the reasons we went to Melaka is to also purchase items for our wedding day. Chinese culture has a lot of rules and regulations. We take this opportunity to purchase some decorations items too.


Since we are there, we also drop by the famous Jonker Street Night Market. Of course, the crowd is crazy because is a long public holiday for Malaysian. So everybody is squeezing each other while walking. We manage to buy some local food and drinks there. A lot of store selling the same thing but each store has their own speciality. I think is because the place has become a tourist area, the food is expensive as well. We bought spend RM10.00 for one stick of sausage and one stick of scallop and RM18.00 for the large mango drinks. The sausage is good but the scallop my fiance say is not so delicious. Guess is because it has been left there for a while and the food is cold.

We manage to buy some local food and drinks there. A lot of store selling the same thing but each store has their own speciality. I think is because the place has become a tourist area, the food is expensive as well. We bought spend RM10.00 for one stick of sausage and one stick of scallop and RM18.00 for the large mango drinks. The sausage is good but the scallop my fiance say is not so delicious. Guess is because it has been left there for a while and the food is cold. The mango drink is alright but of course, we requested not to put sugar water so end up is more natural mango taste and not to say very sweet. Just nice.

IMG_2356WhatsApp Image 2017-09-04 at 10.27.24 PM

After the Melaka trip, we rush back to KL because we have to attend our college best friends wedding ceremony at the temple. We are very glad to be invited to attend their ceremony because is an eye opener for both of us. Different culture different style of praying ceremony.

At the morning we went to Sri Maha Mariamman Temple as both of them is having the praying ceremony there. The setting up is so cheerful and colourful. Thereafter, the night was buffet style dinner for their relatives. 11 years of friendship. Friendship never end.



I learning the Path To Peace. Today the path to peace says that Nothing Is More Virtuous Than Compassion, Sweeter Than Serenity, Purer Than Truth”. 

We just have to appreciate and love our family members and friends sincerely, the positive energy will always be with you. Tomorrow I will have to go back to the negative world, but I just have to maintain the positive mindset to eliminate the negative energy.


One True Love by Barbara Freethy



A new month has arrived and a new weekend arriving. Time flies too fast that sometimes I not able to catch up. I just finished another book of Barbara Freethy, One True Love.

I know this story is a fiction story, but it really touches my heart and I feel being in love. This story is about how a heart broken girl who run away from facing the reality after a very bad incident happened 8 years ago. Leaving behind her family and her husband or ex-husband to a city and have become a corporate lady with her own career and a new boyfriend who is older than her about 20 years old.

When I finished reading this book, I suddenly thought of this quote “True Love Will Always Find A Way To Come” because nobody how Lisa run away from facing the reality, true love will lead her to the path where she supposes to be. True love, lead her to come back to her true love and family.

Sometimes, you can also learn from a fiction story book. They might be fictional, but there is always a learning lesson that you can pick up from the whole story. To me, Lisa story makes me think about myself. Have a been facing the reality or just always running away from it. I never know myself, I never know what I want and I never have a direction for my life.

And LOVE leads me slowly and step by step to the correct direction. I fall in love with my fiance once again. We both are learning how to love each other and how to be open to each other. Nobody is perfect. We all have weaknesses. However, both of us is learning how to love each other. I am glad that we both did not give up during our hard time. Few more months, it will be our 11 years anniversary. I think we need to plan for our anniversary’s honeymoon.

Bought Barbara Freethy e-book at Amazon for $2.99. Love my Kindle so much.



Life Quotes


Don't allow someone to make you feel that you're not good enough!

My fiance is telling me that his superior is abusing his mental. I was shocked when he told me. I always hate the corporate world, that is why I always walk away from people who are playing the corporate game. To me, I am working because I need to earn money and I am a hunger for knowledge too. Not necessary to be the top in the company but to be top for my own life.

He is telling me that every day his superior will be picking him, telling him he is not good and not doing well. Even though the mistake is not by him, it will become his problem too. He tries to ignore and move on, but recently he is feeling very tired. He told me he worries he will lose his confidence if he continues staying in the company. I guess his superior is indirectly abusing him. Mental abuse.

My advice to him is, move on even without getting a new job because if he continues being mentally abuse, he will lose more confidence. I’m not too sure it will be a good choice but is better than being abuse indirectly. Is there any way I able to help him to feel better? I wish to learn more.

Fifty Shades E-Book


Is Monday today and I am stuck outside the office due to access card system down. So instead of complaining Monday blue and starting a day with negative thinking, I choose to do something meaningful. First, harvest my smurf village and thereafter, update my lovely colourful life blog.

I just finished reading my Fifty Shades books. Guess what, I am so in love with this book. I didn’t know about Fifty Shades until my friend was telling me about it and they told me I have to read this book. They call it a porno novel because is full of sexuality section when you read it they say you will feel sexy.

I went Amazon Kindle and coincidently they have bundle sales with the price of $15.59. The review written wasn’t in Amazon is 50/50. Good and bad review. So as usual, with just 1 click, I have it in my beloved Kindle. Is true, this novel is full of sexual line and is so deep that you do feel it. I don’t feel it horny, what I mean I feel in love.  Is all about loving a traumatic partner with full of patient, honestly, compromising and learning together.

Love is complicated, but if both parties are not putting an effort in loving each other, the “happily ever after” will not happen. The feeling is so sweet because is show how Cristian Grey protecting his girlfriend Ana. How he feels jealous when there is another guy happen to go after Ana as well. Forget about the “submissive” thingy, I just know about this “submissive” world. Of course, in this world, nothing is perfect. In this novel, it seems everything is so perfect. That is why it is a fiction book.

Fifty Shades E-Book On My Kindle

After reading this novel, then only I got to know there is a movie acted base on the novel. So went to check on google to see if there is any free online streaming and surprisingly there is. You can steam it at Watch Your Favourite Movie Online. Of course, the movie version is not as detail as written in the book. So, is really full of detail sexuality scene that I don’t think is a good idea to watch it in public and together with your children. haha. You can watch it alone (I watch it alone) or with your partner (I will see if my partner wants to watch with me or not).

I will say is more for relaxing your mood with love story. Try not to go into it because this is fiction story, not a real story. Out of five, I will rate this novel and movie four.

Happy Monday

Are You Happy? If You Are Not, Why?


Reading broadens your mind and thinking. However, is also really depends on what material or articles your are reading. I am guessing that the types of material and article you read really depend on your age category. However, no matter what you read, if you do not practice it and always take things for granted it will still lead you to negative path.

When I was a teenager, I love to read a love story and mystery story. Most of it is a fictional story. Why I do love to read a love story because it makes me feel loved and living in a happily ever after life. Why do I love to read a mystery story, because at the beginning of the story the author will always make you feel anxious and you will have to read till the end to have happily ever after ending. When I was a teenager, I have no stress, no commitment and I don’t to worry about money, installment and house loan.  That is why I always tell myself, I am a lucky girl.

When I finish my college degree and start working in the corporate world, I start to read NonFiction material and article. The author I love the most is Cathy Glass, a wonderful and caring foster carer. If I remember correctly, her first book that I read was Another Forgotten Child. Is about unlucky girl Aimee’s life. How can a small girl life be so cruel? While reading my tears will flow down automatically because I feel so sad for Aimee. From that moment, I realise that not everyone is as lucky as me. Of course towards the end, is was a happy ending, however, the journey Aimee is not supposed to travel by a little girl. That is why I start to appreciate my parents and everything I have without being demanding.

When I reached the age of approximately 27 (I think). I start to read a lot about how to live a better life. At that age, I was in the corporate world for about 6 years, I have observed a lot of negative action where I name them as “Negative Drama In Corporate World”. The reason why is because no one is sincere in the corporate world.  Of course maybe not all, but out of 100%, maybe 98% is not sincere. Everybody stick with you for a reason. You call yourself a best friend of mine, but when there is a problem, instead of solving together, you start blaming. There is where I start to complain and being very rebellious. I start to hate people who betray me. I start to isolate myself from everybody. I start to become a bossy person and do not trust anybody including my partner who is with me for about 11 years now. I tell myself, I can live alone and I can do everything by myself. Subsequently, I start to be very bad tempered. I get frustrated even with small things. This negative energy attaches with me for 2 years.

I guess I am really a lucky person. God loves me and cares about me. For 2 years I have been living in an unhappy life. My relationship with my partners getting worst that we nearly end our relationship. When my life is turning into disaster path, my superior who just return back from her long leave (due to personal reason) gave me a book which I have share on my previous post, Superlife Secretcodes by Great Sun. This books changes my whole life. Master Sun teaches us how to be a happy person, how to look things in different way. How to be more positive and how to eliminate negative energy? I am still practicing now and also requested my partner to read together and practice together so that we can learn together as we are getting marry soon.

I slowly realise that life can be so simple, why do we need to make it so complicated. I start to read more about Living Happily. Ways and steps to be more positive thinking. Live in minimalist lifestyle. Last time when I read lifestyle magazine, I will survey what are the new things to buy, but now I will just glance thru those pages with fashions, branded materials. I will normally concentrate on the good article share by others.

I read this article yesterday. Shared by Ng Siew Yen. Population of unhappy people is growing and if it continues, we will  be facing with more commit suicide case, people will live without love and care. Human will stop to Love and Gratitude. Why wait to be Happy? Just like what Siew Yen say,  we deserved to be Happy Now and Always.




Now, I know, reading is good, reading good material and article is also good, but we also have to practice, learn and always remember to Love and be gratitude. I am still learning and that is why I created this blog, is to journal down my Colourful Life. Be happy guys, because we will not know what will happen tomorrow. Let our God decide and we just need to continue to live happily.





Me & You (Photoblog)


Me & You,

We will grow old together,

We will walk through all the challenges together,

We will stay happy together,

We will enjoy every single moment and create sweet memory together,

We will love each other together,

Together, we will create a happy family until the end of our life.

-Me & You-


Me & You



My Pre-Wedding Photo Shooting (#Throwback)

안녕하세요 (#throwbackblog)

I just completed my pre-wedding photography last Wednesday. Is a tiring but also a fun day. One day before the photo shooting, while waiting for my fiance to finish work, I drop by Centrepoint. We were supposed to drop by the Bridal house to collect the gown and suit for next day photo shooting. I passed by the florist shop and I thought I can just buy one bouquet for my photo shooting as one of the props.

I don’t know how to buy a bouquet actually. So from the brochure, I have chosen the daisy. I love daisy. However, because I have chosen a cheaper price bouquet is quite small. The bouquet cost RM55.00. Guess I need to study the market price before ordering. Is a bit small but still can use.

My Daisy


We have cute and funny experience during the photo shooting. As we have been together for about 10 years, so we are not used to being a sweet couple with some sweet actions and poses. 😂 When we were told to look at each other eyes, we feel awkward and we will continue laughing nonstop. Photographer and videographer have to guide us step by step in terms of posing and the feelings of each other.

So, we went to 3 places to do the photo shooting. The first place is at FRIM Kepong Botanic Garden. First time there of course and I am in love with the environment. I guess a lot of couples shoot there because they even have “Pas Pengantin” which is Bridal Pass.

Bridal Pass


To enter we have to pay RM112.35. I am not too sure the price we paid is for two cars to enter or only one car because our photographer did not pay for the entry. So I assume the price we have paid is for two cars. Please remember to get the receipt and if the counter

Here I will want to remind you all to always remember to get the receipt and if the counter person in charge has told you that is alright, they will send later please insists on waiting till you received the receipt because you will not be able to enter the garden without the receipt. Our photographer will have to drive back to the registration counter to collect the receipt. Is quite a distance actually. Is very bad for the counter person in charge to do that.

We were lucky that the small hiccups did not ruin our day. When we arrived, the sky and environment are nice even though is very hot and I have to face the sun directly. My fiance took the opportunity to captures some photo of me posing alone. I am not used to it because I don’t really like to take a photo of myself. So I have difficulty in posing and smiling in front of camera (=.=)”

Looking at the Lake


Enjoying The Lake View


The second photo shooting place is Putrajaya, Taman Saujana Hijau. That park is a public park. So that is why you see a few couples taking the pre-wedding photo. We were rushing for time, that is why we did not take a picture when we were there with our own camera. Have to wait for the photographer final outcome to see how it looks like.

The last location for our pre-wedding shooting was at LIMA PULO. Is a well known Baba Nyonya cuisine restaurant. The restaurant is always crowded. We went there the first time and we did not manage to try out their food because the restaurant is full and the last order is at 2.45pm. This time round we thought we can have lunch there as we have booked the venue from 3.00pm – 5.00pm for photo shooting. As we are running late, we only manage to reached the restaurant at 3.00pm. So we did not manage to try out their food again. The owner is so kind and friendly. Hope we can see him again next round when we have lunch or dinner there cause did not manage to really have a chat with him.

I need to wait for a few months to see the outcome. Can’t wait to see those photo.

Preparing For My Big Day


I have been busy confirming various booking for my big day. I never know that wedding preparation will be so a havoc. I wanted a simple and small scale wedding dinner. However, I just realise that even a simple dinner, the preparation is massive. In addition, especially Chinese Wedding, more rules & regulations that needed to follow.

I try to remind myself to be positive because I have lots of feedback that during the preparation, both parties will have an argument and unhappy moments. That is why I choose to stay positive and calm to avoid unnecessary argument.

So, for now, I have confirmed the wedding dinner venue, pre-wedding photographer, actual day wedding photographer and videographer, emcee of the night, entertainment band of the night and also our wedding car =)

So, Every girl’s dream is to be a princess on the big day. I guess, is my turn. Never thought of walk into the bridal shop. First time seeing so many beautiful white gowns. We are suppose to have meeting’s with the photographer in the middle of March.

I always wanted to own a G-Shock watch. So, we decided to buy a pair of G-Shock for our pre-wedding shooting. Is not a couple watch, but at least is a G-Shock. The male version cost RM1,369.00 and the female version cost RM789.00. The female version is the latest edition.

Hoping that everything will goes smoothly..  행복한 결혼식

Nature Reminds Me of Colours


Today is the 8th day of 2017 and I am still crafting my 2017 colourful life path. I started my 2017 with busy but enjoyable memory. 1st day of 2017, I have attended my cousin wedding dinner (bride side) right after my company Annual Dinner. Thereafter, I was busy preparing for my Chinese New Year decorations for my company retail area and also the celebration gathering for the customers.

Yesterday, I attended my cousin wedding dinner again (the groom side) and tomorrow I will have to continue with my Chinese New Year decorations and also the gathering.

Is only 8th day of 2017 and I have already participated few enjoyable event and task. This year will definitely be my colourful year as I will be also tight up with my wedding dinner too.

Nature reminds me of colours and colours reminds me of happiness. 2017, I have used up 8 days and I have another 357 days to spend. I will make sure I used it carefully and not to waste it with negativity.