What Is The Main Toxic In Your Mind

안녕하세요 While I am doing ironing at home, I am thinking of what should I do to improve myself. I have been maintaining my sharing in my page and so far I am grateful that people are dropping by. Not a lot but I still appreciate it as it is a good start. I sometimes... Continue Reading →

Let’s Hope For Peace, Love, Happiness

안녕하세요 Hi Monday, is another new week again. Yesterday my husband was watching this LIVE news about our Malaysia politics and because I am not a person who follows about politics updates so I asked him what happen again to our government. He explains to me that they want to form a new Government. I... Continue Reading →

How Do You Practice Grateful?

안녕하세요 Is Friday again and I want to thank you, GOD, for giving me good health and a healthy family. I had a great week (although there are some hiccups but is manageable). Thank you to my parents and my parents in law who is always there when I need some hand and thank you... Continue Reading →

What is Living Minimalist To You?

안녕하세요 A lot of people mentioning about Living Minimalist. But do you actually understand what is Living Minimalist? Some say living minimalist is to remove all the clutters at home, some say eating simple food is minimalist living as well. So what is living minimalist to you? To me living minimalist is to live in... Continue Reading →

What Is Your Purpose In Life?

안녕하세요 What is your purpose in life? Do you think this is the most difficult question? I think this is the most difficult question which I actually still don't know how to answer it to date. That is why as I mentioned always why I have this blog page. It is to seek my purpose... Continue Reading →

Affirmations To Boost Your Confidence

안녕하세요 Good Morning Monday... It is another new week after spending a relaxing weekend. How do you start your new week? For me, I start my new week by going through the positive affirmations. I love to go through affirmations every morning because It gives me more positive energy to move forward the new week.... Continue Reading →

Happy Chap Goh Mei and Bye Chinese New Year~~

안녕하세요 Tomorrow marks the last day of Chinese New Year 2020 and everybody will be celebrating Chap Goh Mei Festive. Why celebrate Chap Goh Mei? In pastime, people celebrate Chap Goh Mei to find true love through throwing the mandarin oranges into the sea/river/pond. How? For female, they will throw their mandarin oranges to the... Continue Reading →

12 Things To Always Remember In Life

안녕하세요 When I started my blog, my objective is to search for more happiness information to be shared around and to share more positive energy around. In the same time, is also to search for my soul too. When you are lost and wish to improve your life, you will need to stay positive and... Continue Reading →

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