Is All About Reflection (Photography)

Did we ever look in the mirror and ask our self few question such as Who Am I? What do I want to do? Where am I going? How is my feeling today?

I do; because I am a lost kid with no direction. Every day I am asking myself these few questions. Especially towards the end of the year, I will always ask myself, what have I achieved. Am I happy with what I have done?

My life is my reflection of my thought. I need to keep reflecting to ensure I know what I want. Today is the last day of October 2016. I reflecting myself what have I done so far ^.^


BTW, Happy Halloween =)

Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney (Photography)

When I was travelling in Australia, we did not follow tour group. We self-travel, and that is why we manage to see more beautiful scene compare to following tour group.

This “Tall Tree” caught my attention when we are walking around Royal Botanic Garden. Standing high and tall among others tree confidently and the tree is surrounded with people. People who are relaxing and chit chat with family and friends.

Just like what people say, as long as you stand confidently and sincerely, you will be surrounded with friends. You do not have to go look for friends, friends will be with you automatically.


I Am Who I Am (Photography)

Recently I read an article by WordPress daily post about photo blogging. The Author encourage to photo blog and the blog is not necessary to need to lengthy of information. I love the idea and is also one of the things that I enjoy doing it now.

I realise that I have a lot of photos that I love which I did not share. Some of the photos that I captured is connected to myself. I hope that I able to express my feeling through these photos.

‘I am who I am” and nobody can change me. I love to be myself. I only able to avoid surrounding people who are not able to accept who I am. No matter how different I am from the surrounding, “I am who I am” =)


Leura Railway Station (Photography)

Is been a year plus and I still miss travelling in Australia. Missing the clean fresh air and the relax moment. The place I miss the most is Blue Mountain and is a place I definitely going back.

Blue Mountain is definitely a destination I will want to be if I want to escape from the cruel reality. Is a place I can run away from cool blooded society.

So “Run Away Destination” reminds me of Harry Potter ^.^. Of course, life is full of challenges, but I prefer healthy challenges. Challenges that I passionate about (Which I still looking for it). Hoping one day God able to open my mind and allow me to discover my passion.


Sunset Time (Photography)

I love the sky. The sky is where I feel I am near God. I love to capture a picture of the sky because I always feel they are special and they look very difference every single day.

Every day I look up at the sky and ask, how can I escape from this cruel world. Of course, in order to be able to escape, I will have to figure what can I do and what I want to do.

Missing the sunset sky at my hometown.

The Bridge to Beautiful Sea View (photography)

I always tell myself to be more confident and be more bold in making any decision. I done my 1st step 2 years ago where I come out from the department which I have worked for 4 years to explore more instead of just administrative task.

Someone did ask me before, “you sure you can do it? Outside world is very different from office”. I confidently told him “Yes, I can do it”.

And after 2 years, I still surviving, still learning, still exploring and very happy with what I’m doing.. My confident level is still not up to the level because I always worry about failing. So I’ll try my very best to improve.

This image below taken at my hometown, Kampung Chuah, Port Dickson.. and it surprise me that there is such beautiful place right behind my house. So what people say is true, if you don’t take a step out from your comfort zone, you will never notice there is a better place to be… 

I name it “The solid bridge lead to beautiful sea view”..2 years ago, if I did not voice out and force myself to take a step out from my comfort zone, I guess I will be struggling doing the job that I’m not passionate with. Today if I continue hiding in my house because is hot outside, I will never notice this beautiful place 😘

~Happy weekend~

Gao Ong Yah [Nine Emporer Gods Temple] (Photography)

Welcoming October 2016 with Nine Emporer Gods Festival too. 1st October 2016 to 9th October 2016 is Nine Emporer Festival.

Woke up early in the morning on 1st October to Ampang branch Gao Ong Yah temple for praying. Giving thanks to god for loving me, bless me with family love and healthy body.

I appreciate all the happiness I have now. Is not perfect but is for me to discover and make it wonderful..