Present for “Me” on International Women’s Day


Today is International Women’s Day and I have bought a present for myself which is signed up a web-design course. I am surprised that Job Street has ventured into educational field. That are offering an online course for Web Design. So I was thinking, why not since they have instalment payment for the course.

I know I will be busy with my wedding preparation, but in the same time, I am actually planning to expand my skills. I am searching for “Myself”. Have been a lost girl for 29 years, have been living for others for 7 years. Is time to live for me now.

Is not going to be easy because I am a slow learner, but I hope one day I will be able to find myself. Fuchiko x Hello Kitty will accompany my journey of searching.

절대 포기하지 마새요, 안금패

Pink Flower (Photoblog)

I always remind myself that life is very short. That is why I will always tell myself, appreciate what I ever I have right now.

I always appreciate nature. I always feel they are very special because they are beautiful and I think they are the only one who will not sabotage anyone.

I always love the pink colour. They always look sweet and nice. That is why nature with pink colour always attract my attention. Snap this flower at Hang Zhou, China.

Even though I love Pink, but I am not a girlish person. I am a person who people always call, Alpha Girl.

Pink isn’t just a colour, is an attitude. ^.^hang-zhou

My Macbook Pro For My New Mission

Finally after taking long consideration, I bought a Macbook Pro. 10 years ago, I am an anti-Apple product person because when I first started using Apple product is was Ipad first generation. I called them a stingy product.

1st reason is due to at that time, they are own their own. Apple User will not be able to link with others like Google and Microsoft. I am not too sure is because I don’t know how to used it or in actual, they are not linked. I got so frustrated at that time.

2nd reason, I remember at that time, if I intend to pull out any photo, I will have to go thru Itunes. If I wanted to download any photos into the iPad, I also have to go thru Itunes. Everything will need to go thru Itunes. I find it very troublesome and of course, they have mentioned it all this is for security protection purpose. However, is seriously inconvenient.

I have given up the Ipad after few months of usage and past it to my dad and he used it just to watch Youtube and analyse 4D =.=”.

After 10 years, my boyfriend has convinced me to try out again on Apple products. He bought me an Ipad for my birthday present. After I start using, I realise they really have changed. They are accepting Google, Gmail, Microsoft.

Thereafter, I have gotten an iPhone 6 Plus. There is where I start to realise, I think I am alright with Apple products. After nearly close to a year using iPhone, I realise I got a feeling of investing one Mac because I start practising my graphic skill. I have considered it for a few years. Pricing is the one has stopped me. Is very expensive and plus the Adobe software, it will cost me a bomb.

But today, I tell myself that I really want to go into having my own website sharing my graphic skill because I really love graphic design. It has become my hobby now that enable me wanted to do more. In addition, Apple authorised seller is having this promotion where student / teacher will entitle for 10% discount after showing their ID. I am a part-time student, so I do not have an official ID, so I have used my younger brother ID. So I got my Macbook Pro for RM5,700.00.

Start creating my website. Currently, is still in progress. I wish I able to publish soonest possible.