How To Prepare Yourself For The Coming Crisis

안녕하세요 The whole world is facing the virus crisis and also the economic crisis. The Employer is struggling to pay their Employee and Employee is worried that they will lose the job during this difficult period. During this movement control period, everybody should really sit down and plan about the next move. Most of us... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Perfect~~

안녕하세요 Love yourself despite your imperfection Do not feel compassion for yourself as you struggle through life You are so eager to help your friends, but you treat yourself poorly Stroke your heart once in a while and tell yourself "I LOVE YOU" From Haemin Sunim Kittypiggy is not a perfect person, but she is... Continue Reading →

Keep Calm and Stay Positive

안녕하세요 Today is the first day of commencement for the Movement Control Order in Malaysia. All the non-essential shops have close from 18th March to 31st March 2020. Every shall work from home. Hopefully, this virus can stop spreading. Sometimes I feel that the world is tired of us. They need a rest that is... Continue Reading →

How Do You Stay Peace and Positive?

안녕하세요 Have you ever feel frustrated because of somebody's behavior? That somebody can be your colleague, friends, clients, family members or your partner? I do. I hate it sometimes because of their action it will affect my mood, my thinking and my day. This is bad because I will have no appetite to eat and... Continue Reading →

Why Self Love Is Important

안녕하세요 I had a bad day in the last few days. Work and personal matters. Then I took some time off to sit down and think through, why do I care so much when the person who hurt me doesn't even care. I have done my part and I don't owe anybody anything. Then this... Continue Reading →

Good Things Take Time

안녕하세요 People always say Good Things Take Time. Yap, to find my happiness and also the living purpose of my life takes time too. Seriously is not easy because there were times when I feel like give up and walk away with what I have started. Frustration and tired feeling drag you down to a... Continue Reading →

Habits Of Happy People

안녕하세요 Everybody wants to be Happy or wish to be Happy. However, not everybody able to achieve that. There are always excuses for you to be unhappy. Today you tell yourself to be happy because it is a good brand new day, however, at work, your superior rejected your idea and did not give you... Continue Reading →

Smile and Let It Go~~

안녕하세요 Yes, is only 3rd month of the New Year and we have already faced so many unhappy news. For us in Malaysia has changed a new government and we have the 8th Prime Minister. A lot of Malaysian are unhappy with the result and start complaining and complaining and complaining. Me? Instead of using... Continue Reading →

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