Didn’t realise I have been missing for a month from blogging. I was lost again. Lost in direction and feeling very down with everything. So it took me a while to stand up again to ignore all the negative energy. I try to do meditation by doing self-reflection. I am also training my E.Q to be stronger so that I will not be influenced by negative energy.

Today while I am driving to work, I was thinking about this word which is “Sincerity”. How do I identify who is sincere to me or who is using me for their own benefit? Those people who are always smiling at me, are they sincere or they are just waiting for a good time to push me down. Then I was going thru some research, I found this interesting cartoons with a tittle of Sincerity Cartoons from Cartoon Stock.

When I was going thru, I was laughing because Cartoon Stock illustrates the current world situation. Humans are a selfish creature. Only a minimal of the population will treat people sincerely. What you see and hear sometimes might not be sincerely from the speaker.  The below cartoon stated clearly that the girl is “sincerely” trying to shut the audience and ask them to go away. If you lazy to comfort negative people, you will just prepare the thing needed to pacify them. This is just to avoid unnecessary thing to happen.

Sincerity Cartoon

Another cartoon that really attracts my attention is the below cartoon. This is so true. Everyone is giving you feigned sincerity greetings. That is why this kind of greeting cards sold out faster than genuine emotions greetings.

Sincerity Cartoon (2)

I will never understand why some people have that kind of bad intentions. I think they are not afraid of Karma. They are not, but I am. That is why I always ensure whatever I do is always from my heart. People who appreciate me, they will get my sincere treatment, people who are not, I will eliminate them by avoiding them.

Thanks to Cartoon Stock. You make my Monday smile.

Sweet Memory of Beauty & The Beast Movie


Last Tuesday was a wonderful day for me. My fiance bring me to watch a movie. He knows I have been bugging him on this movie. I was so excited when they official announce the official showing in Malaysia is on 16th March. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it was banned due to some not important reason.

After some time, they announce that it will be officially shown on 30 March. I was busy with something till I have lost the excitement of watching this movie. My fiance insists that we go for a date and he purchases the night movie ticket.

Is been some time we watch night movie. I was so touched by the movie and refreshes back our childhood memory. I always love Disney movie because is always ended with “Happily Ever After” outcomes.

Is not easy to achieve the “Happily Ever After” outcomes in the real world. Especially for nowadays, is getting more difficult. All due to commitment, immature attitude and environment.

After the movie, I not able to stop thinking about it. I suddenly feel so relax and loved. So, I decided to illustrate the rose of Beauty and The Beast. Such a sweet memory with this sweet movie.

Thank you, darling.

Beauty & The Beast-01

Quote Of The Day


Today might not be a good day for me.

I am very disappointed. Disappointed with my work, disappointed with my life, disappointed with human attitude. Sometimes, we will not be able to please everybody in this world. We might not be able to achieve things that we are expecting too.

Same thing, We not able to expect everybody to understand us as well. People with negative energy will sometimes misunderstand what you conveying.

This quote crosses my mind and I decided to make it into an artwork.

“Sometimes We Create Our Own Heart Break Through Expectations”. 

Sometimes we create our own heart break through expectation-01-01

It makes me feel that sometimes I shouldn’t assume and shouldn’t put too much expectation on other people because human thinking is very creative and fancy. A positive thinking person will not spread negative energy and information to a 3rd party and vice versa.

So I need to ignore the negativity and move on to avoid being drag down.

My First Artwork

안녕하새요 제 이름은 안금패

I am not a creative person, I am also not an art person but I like art. I always very curious how all the art pieces being created. I am very impressed with people who can produce beautiful art.

So, I took a step ahead to take part time course to learn Illustrator. I couldn’t use hand to draw, so I use the system to draw an art.

Today I try to use illustrator to come out with bubble effect artwork. Not perfect, but I am happy for a start. I will never give up my Illustrator skill and also my Korean Language. So my first Artwork with my Korean Name.

Korean Name_V1__Artboard 2

Nothing is easy, as long as I stick with my objectives, I believe I will be able to do it.