Living Minimalist Lifestyle


I am starting to practice living minimalist now. I am eliminating my weakness where I love buying things which are short term satisfaction. The reason for buying is because the items might be cute, elegant or are on hits currently.  Recently I have been reading a lot about living minimalist and living a simple lifestyle. It will bring more happiness to me because I will not be complaining about my life because my life is perfect.

I realise I have lots of unused items and most of them are in brand new conditions. Instead of keeping it in the cabinet, I have made a decision to sell it off those items online. I feel that it will be better than these cute items being kept in the cabinet. I have opened an account with Carousell and Shopee.

Both websites allow the user to buy and sell items. So is like 2 in 1 apps. Is very easy to use and also east to register. You will just need to verify your email once register. For shopee, you can register by using the mobile number. I first registered using mobile number for shopping. So, recently I have updated my email in the account so that buyer can contact me if they have any inquiry. Both of my shop name is Kittypiggy1988


Shopee Desktop View



Carousell Desktop



I am finding time to search for my cute treasure out for sale. Stay tuned for more~~

Hello Kitty Container With Surprise


I am always a Hello Kitty lover. Recently, I have stopped buying because I have limited space in keeping them. So I decided not to buy them instead just keep a picture of them as memory.

However, that there while me and my fiance having window shopping at The Curve, I notice there is a big Hello Kitty shop in there. It seems the shop is under Metrojaya. So I just walk in to take walk. While walking, this little Hello Kitty head attracted my attention. Is a container and with a surprise in it.

So, for my understanding, inside the container, you will be guaranteed with a Hello Kitty figure and a candy inside. It is depending on your luck which design you will be getting.

Which figure you like the most?

It did not cost a lot actually. Is only RM6.90. So I was just trying my luck and hoping the surprise Hello Kitty figure I will get is the one lying facing the front. Very immediately, I open once I have paid and tadaa….. I have gotten what I want. Is so lovely and cute.

My surprise Hello Kitty

It comes with a Hard Boiled Candy and is stated at the tag is Strawberry flavour and is artificially flavoured. I still don’t know what to do with the candy because I don’t eat candy. Especially this type of artificial flavour candy.


The artificial word is already sound so unhealthy

This little surprise Hello Kitty is also not suitable for kids below 3 years old. Parents who are Hello Kitty lover have to really take note and be careful.



Not for kids under 3 years old




Japan Kitaoka-Honten Sakura Sara Sara Liqueur


Last weekend everybody is like making a lot of “HU HA” about Mother’s Day. I always feel that Mother’s Day is supposed to be every day and not just that weekend. So we bring our mum out for delicious dinner at Eat Drink Thai Restaurant. Yesterday while I went out lunch, there is a Non-Halal shop in the grocery. Since I have spare time, I walk in as well to just have a look.

Something attracts my attention. This  Kitaoka-Honten Sakura Sara Sara Liqueur. This liqueur is so beautiful because the Sakura flower is inside the liqueur. This is an incredibly light liqueur supported by a long tradition of cherry trees. First for the ornamental effect of its flower, yet also used for culinary purposes. The flowers used to come from the mountains of Yoshino, the most famous of the Sakura regions in Japan.This exquisite-looking sakura liquor is made from barley shochu and fruits. It gets its colour from vegetable dyes. The sakura liquor has sweet taste and aroma and is perfect for drinking as it is or in a spritzer or cocktail. It contains 7.8% of alcohol.

I bought it with the price of RM69.90 each at Jaya Grocer in Evolve Mall. I notice you can get it from the online store The price is slightly higher and is also Pre-Order. I bought 2 bottles. One for my mum another one for my aunt. Both of them is wine bottle collector. Bought for them as a Mother’s Day gift.

Hello Kitty x Fuchiko on Sakura Liqueur
Close Up View with the Sakura in the Bottle


One For Mom One For Aunt


Preparing For My New Life 


So few more days to go. Preparing for my pre-wedding photo shooting. Time flies, I still remember we were telling each other that we still have time to prepare when we confirm on March. In just a blink, is already May.

Went for shopping to buy nice shoes for photo shooting. I heard a lot about Christy Ng Shoes, but I never buy their shoes before. So when I shop around looking for nice design, I pass by Christy Ng shop and they have lots of beautiful shoes.

My fiancé specifically chose this design because it matches one of my wedding gowns. I like it as well, is bit expensive because after GST is about RM200++. Still affordable because the design is very wedding feel and the material is satin.

Christy Ng Shoes with Love & Co

Take this time to Note down in my planner to add on my #colourfullife journey. Once a while is good to also remind myself how lucky I am.


#Mycolourfullife #Journal 

Thank you, god, for loving me. I will appreciate every single journey I am going through.



How I spend my Labour Day (photoblog)


Today is labour day and is also praying day for my family too. Is a relaxing labour day with family members. We pray for health, smooth business opportunities , happiness. 

Wanted to share some photo which I have capture.

After praying, as usual the “kampung” culture which is fire crackers session to bring more luck and chase away the bad spirit. Is a nice greenary area for chit chatting. 

Actually I don’t know what is this but it looks like mini pumpkin to me. My uncle told me this tiny fruit is good for health. I’m not confident with this, so I choose to take a picture only. 

The before ripe and after ripe. You hardly see all this in the city. Behind the house you can have a yard where you plant own fruits and vegetables and chicken walking around.

Is a hot weather today, but still walk to my grandfather backyard to snap some photos..

Is a short trip back to hometown, so now we are on the way back to busy city and prepare to work tomorrow. 

Though is a short trip, but is a sweet wonderful trip because is a family trip. 

Present for “Me” on International Women’s Day


Today is International Women’s Day and I have bought a present for myself which is signed up a web-design course. I am surprised that Job Street has ventured into educational field. That are offering an online course for Web Design. So I was thinking, why not since they have instalment payment for the course.

I know I will be busy with my wedding preparation, but in the same time, I am actually planning to expand my skills. I am searching for “Myself”. Have been a lost girl for 29 years, have been living for others for 7 years. Is time to live for me now.

Is not going to be easy because I am a slow learner, but I hope one day I will be able to find myself. Fuchiko x Hello Kitty will accompany my journey of searching.

절대 포기하지 마새요, 안금패

Focus…. (photoblog) 


I was playing around my camera Sony A5100. I couldn’t figure out the manual focus function by using the screen tap (sony A5100 have this touch screen focus function). While going thru all the features, after 30minutes, I finally found the features. 

So, tadaa….. got the picture I want.. my focus point is on the Hello Kitty Kimono.. lovely Hello Kitty Kimono. 

Sometimes, if you really want the thing, you have to work hard and be determined. Never give up 🤗

Preparing For My Big Day


I have been busy confirming various booking for my big day. I never know that wedding preparation will be so a havoc. I wanted a simple and small scale wedding dinner. However, I just realise that even a simple dinner, the preparation is massive. In addition, especially Chinese Wedding, more rules & regulations that needed to follow.

I try to remind myself to be positive because I have lots of feedback that during the preparation, both parties will have an argument and unhappy moments. That is why I choose to stay positive and calm to avoid unnecessary argument.

So, for now, I have confirmed the wedding dinner venue, pre-wedding photographer, actual day wedding photographer and videographer, emcee of the night, entertainment band of the night and also our wedding car =)

So, Every girl’s dream is to be a princess on the big day. I guess, is my turn. Never thought of walk into the bridal shop. First time seeing so many beautiful white gowns. We are suppose to have meeting’s with the photographer in the middle of March.

I always wanted to own a G-Shock watch. So, we decided to buy a pair of G-Shock for our pre-wedding shooting. Is not a couple watch, but at least is a G-Shock. The male version cost RM1,369.00 and the female version cost RM789.00. The female version is the latest edition.

Hoping that everything will goes smoothly..  행복한 결혼식

Hello December 2016


Practising my Korean now as I am taking Korean Language Class =)

December 2016 has arrived and goodbye to November 2016. Time flies and another year goes by. I have been reflecting myself very frequently recently as in what have I done in the year of 2016.

As to date, I found that I love blogging. I love to express myself through blogging and I love to share my photography. Of course, I am not expert now. My photograph is not as beautiful as many experts. I still learning. Learning to be better.

I will be bringing my Fuchiko x Hello Kitty travelling now so that they can explore with me. Recently bought them to Taman Melawati, Kuala Selangor for shooting. Instead of publishing my Monkey King photo, I decided to introduce them first.

감사합니가 (Thank you)

My New Toy Sony A5100L

Finally, after long research on the A series, I decided to choose A5100. Earlier I wanted A6000, however, in the market, there isn’t enough stock.

So I choose the younger brother of A6000 which is A5100. The specs and functions are about the same, just A5100 not allowing me to affix external flash. Should be alright for me because I don’t really plan to buy any external flash.

Cost me about RM1,800.00. I owned a DSLR Nikon D3300. Is good but I want one which I able to keep in my handbag 24hrs.

So I decided to get one more compact version but works like DSLR 😊 Why I choose white? Cause all my camera is black in colour. So I choose white this round. Looking for casing to avoid white colour turn to black 😬

My first picture capture using A5100. Not a very nice shoot but will try to familiarize it 😅