Preparing For My New Life 


So few more days to go. Preparing for my pre-wedding photo shooting. Time flies, I still remember we were telling each other that we still have time to prepare when we confirm on March. In just a blink, is already May.

Went for shopping to buy nice shoes for photo shooting. I heard a lot about Christy Ng Shoes, but I never buy their shoes before. So when I shop around looking for nice design, I pass by Christy Ng shop and they have lots of beautiful shoes.

My fiancé specifically chose this design because it matches one of my wedding gowns. I like it as well, is bit expensive because after GST is about RM200++. Still affordable because the design is very wedding feel and the material is satin.

Christy Ng Shoes with Love & Co

Take this time to Note down in my planner to add on my #colourfullife journey. Once a while is good to also remind myself how lucky I am.


#Mycolourfullife #Journal 

Thank you, god, for loving me. I will appreciate every single journey I am going through.



My January 2017


Time flies, January 2017 ended. 31 days of 2017 being utilised. I trying to reflect back what have I done in January 2017. Just to ensure I have fully utilised the 31 days, I have compiled all the good things that happen in January 2017 in my Kittypiggy Instragram.

There are good things and also bad things happens in January 2017. The most memorable one will be my Money Boy Boy have fully recovered from his sickness. Thank god, he still with us and able to celebrate Chinese New Year with us.

The 2nd good thing happen is I am lucky to have a wonderful and happy family. I still able to have reunion dinner or ours is usually reunion brunch with my beloved family. Of course, this reunion brunch did not go well because I have bit argument with my fiance. However, things went well thereafter. Delicious dishes prepared by mommy for praying.

The 3rd good thing is, I have new Pandora Charms for 2017 Chinese New Year and New shoe too. OK, I always remind myself that I am a lucky girl. Telling myself not to be demanding. Compare to many other people, I am considered as a lucky one. I have a stable income (for now) and I able to support myself without needed my parents to worry. So for this new year, I bought a present for myself which is this cute Pandora Lion Dance Charm. Lion dance for our tradition it means good luck. Hoping my 2017 luck will be good. In addition, I also present myself a pair of sneakers which is Adidas Floral Stan Smith.

The 4th good thing happen is receiving lots of angpau from relatives. This year will be my last year collecting angpau because I am getting married end of this year. As usual, I always remind myself how lucky I am. I have lots of relatives who loves me. Thanks for their blessing.

The 5th good thing happen is, Lou Sang day….. Once a year, this will be the best time where everyone will mix the Lou Sang and shout HUAT A!!! HUAT A!!! I bought 1 for my beloved Money boy boy too.. He needs some Pawsperity too.



Preparing For Chinese New Year


I am preparing for Chinese New Year. Bought new shoes and cute Pandora charms for my 2017 year.

Loving my Adidas Stan Smith floral. I know it looks like my secondary school white shoes and I spend RM350.00 on it but I just love the floral design on it. Look so simple and nice. Can’t wait to travel with it.

I also bought the 2017 CNY charms from Pandora. I am Pandora freak of course. So this year CNY my Pandora design will be CNY charms.

So now I have so look for CNY apparel in order to match with my new lovely sneakers.Was very busy with my work. Finding a time to go for new year shopping.


Happy Birthday~~

Is his 28th birthday… Bought new working bag for him because he wanted a new one. Previously he is using backpack.. everyone say he looking like small bag. So we decided to go in Tumi. He choosen Tumi Andersen Slim Commuter Brief.. Cost me RM2190.00 🤑 

This time round more special, he can emboss his initial on the bag. 

For me, I also bought a new bag.. my current Longchamp is getting dirty because he colour is beige.. that is why I decided to buy one so that I able to send the old one for cleaning.  

I choosen Top Handle Bag Grey (Medium size) and it cost me RM855.00.. This is the first time I buy my own bag😅😂

Pandora July Droplet

Do you believe in the power of Crystal Stone?

I do believe. That is why I love crystal. I always believe crystal able to heal my emotion, my sickness and support me by giving me more positive energy.

Amethyst is always my favourite. This is actually a February birthstone. I love Amethyst is because it enhances psychic abilities & spiritual awareness. It also brings wisdom, balance & patient.

Today, I bought a colour stone which belongs to my birthday. That is Ruby Stone. Ruby helps strengthen health effect where actually I kind of need it. My health is getting worst and I gets tired very fast recently.

Bought Pandora Autumn 2016 edition ring which is July Droplet ring. Lovely ring with very nice colour stone. Is cost me RM219.00.


Biotherm Promotions

Is time to replenish my facial stock. Luckily I did not replenish earlier. Currently One Utama is having thematic booth which is “Be You” Roadshow. 

There are few beauty booth there, I can see Caring Pharmacy, O.P.I, thai message and a lot more.. The one I am interested is Biotherm Booth because is time for me to replenish my facial stock. I spend about RM970.00 and used RM100 Parkson voucher to buy Toner. So in actual I have spend about RM1k there…🙈😱Purchase with free gift. You will be rewarded with Funky Gift if you purchase RM150.00 and above. I purchase more than that 😝😂

Happy Chinese New Year 2016

Happy CNY to all…. Today is the first day of fire monkey year…. As usual…this will be the best time to…gathering and meet up…

This year…i have bought a new bag for my CNY 2016. Cath Kidston mini busy bag… Apart from Longchamp… I love Cath Kidston bag so cute and is water proof..

Cath Kidston One Utama is having cny promotions. Bought the sling bag with 30% discount. I think after discount js about rm200++…Can’t remember the price… 

After spending about 15minutes in the store…spotted a cute floral make up bag..couldn’t resist the cuteness…with 10% discount… I decided to get it…after discout it cost me about  RM86.00. Come with the mirror as well 😍 

Thereafter…I spotted the travel purse with 50% discount. Previously I have bought one where I used it as my working tag + name card holder. But with my boyish style..The rubber at the side of the surrounding holder torn off. So decided to purchase one to replace the old one for the fire monkey   

 I just feel lucky because of the promotions I managed to get additional gift… With every spend of RM340.00 and above… I will be getting a free ticket holder.. I used it to keep my credit card, identity card and driving licence..   May 2016 be a better year for everyone…😄😉My first day of CNY 2016 outfit