Happy Valentine’s Day


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Today is a sweet day. Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Hope that everybody with partners will have a sweet and memorable Valentine’s Day. Those still single, find a friend who is also single to have a chit chat or go back earlier for reunion dinner with your families.

Start my 14th February 2018 with a cup of coffee in office.


Then harvest my smurf village while drinking coffee.. Loving and admiring my Valentine’s Village. Is not complete yet. Still need some time to collect the items to upgrade.

This year valentine’s day I have company Chinese New Year function to attend. It did not really affected me because me and my husband we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on actual day because we had a very bad experience 2 or 3 years back where the restaurant is full of people, with expensive package and end up the dessert where we suppose to get did not turn up. That is the 1st and also the last we are celebrating Valentine’s on actual day.

However, this year valentine’s is very special, of course is the first year we celebrate valentine’s as husband and wife, also, I receive present from my husband. I did not expect it from him actually. Why I say I am surprise, because my husband is not a romantic person. Most of the time, he will say if you want anything tell me, I will buy because I cannot read your mind. Yes, that is his style. That is why every year I did not expect any surprise from him. This year I am seriously very touch and happy. Thanks baby. It will be my Chinese New Year accessories =)


This year I bought myself a cute Valentine’s present. MBO Cinema has this promotions where you buy popcorn set comes with the Hello Kitty Cup. Single Combo cost RM27.00 and comes with 1 Hello Kitty Cup & Popcorn and Share Combo cost RM53.00 come with 2 Hello Kitty Cup & Popcorn. I just want 1 for collection same as my colleague. So we bought Share Combo set and each choose 1 cup. Both of us like Hannari Kitty, so we get the same cup. Is so cute to drink Coke using the cup.


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This year is not a very good year for Dragon. Is the worst among the other zodiac. However, I do not want to limit my life with all this negative belief. I belief that I can change my life if I remain positive and calm. Stay Positive and be gratitude.

Once again Happy Valentine’s Day everyone~~~


Good Bye January 2018 and Hello February 2018. Hello Tony Robbins!


Start my February 2018 attending a motivation talk by Anthony Robbins or good to know as Tony Robbins at Singapore Expo.

We are very lucky because we do not have to worry about accommodation because my aunt stays at Singapore and it is very near to the Expo. Is like it takes 10 minutes to arrive by driving or by public bus.

So as usual, the first day of attending training, with feeling curious and hesitation because not familiar with the place and I was drag by my husband to attend this talk. Arrived at about 9am everybody is queuing to go in the hall squeezing like sardines as everybody wants to get their good seat as is a free seating concept.

Manage to register one day before the event and took the handbook or notebook full of information and the entry pass which is the hand strap which you are supposed to wear it throughout the 4 days training. Without this strap, you are not allowed to enter the hall. To replace new strap it will cost you SGD 30 and if loss your important notebook to replace it will cost you too but I can’t really remember.


So the first day we start about 12pm. The first thing they do is go crazy!!! where they have a group of professional trainer doing warm-up dancing. I was shock and wonder if I am in the wrong hall. Then I notice No I wasn’t in the wrong hall. This is CRAZY!!



After about I not sure, about 10 minutes I guess as everyone is like Crazying there, I did not notice the time we were “Celebrating”, and Tony Robbins come out and this is my first time really meet him because my husband is a fan but not me. As mention earlier I was dragged by my husband to attend this course.


So I wasn’t really concentrating while he is talking. So when he asked Why Are You Here? in my heart is I force too. He says, is alright, but he promise towards the end of the course, it will change my mindset. So as usual, I was like “Ya right!”.

About nearly 1 hours he starts his talk, it has already affected my thinking. He shaking me awake, asking me to wake up. Asking me to discover my own passion, my courage and purpose of my Life. Once after living in this world for 30 years, I suddenly discover what stops me from moving forward! FEAR!! (FUCK EVERYTHING AND RUN)

FEAR is the one who stops me from thinking, stop me from venturing. FEAR is the one makes me frustrated, bad-tempered, break down easily and the 2 primary FEARS that human beings share is:

  • We’re not ENOUGH
  • We’re won’t be LOVED

This is so true, I always have a concern what others feel about me, what others will comment on me. When the opportunity comes, I will reject because I will always say I don’t think I am capable of doing it. WTF!!! YES, THIS IS ME FOR 30 freaking years!!!! I have created this blog is to record down my colourful life and how the hell I am going to make people feel colourful if I myself FEEL SHIT!!!

That is the time I decided that this is it!! I am ending my journey of FEAR!!! I will challenge myself to change my freaking habit now. What I learn on the first day is to break my comfort zone. Life is too short to suffer. Change my FOCUS! Success without fulfilment is an ultimate failure. The first-day session end about 11.30pm after the fire walk. Of course, I didn’t walk on the fire because on the 1st day, I still have the FEAR of hurting my own foot. So, my husband went on. I am surprised, he is alright!! I kind of regret not trying actually. I guess I will still go back to the talk one day.


One Day Trip at Ipoh


Finally, my event has ended with success. Was busy with Chap Goh Mei event for the whole month during the Chinese New Year. Totally have no time to update my blog.

I still wish to share my Chinese New Year activities. So, this will be throwback memory which is A Day Trip with Mommy @ Ipoh.

It was Thaipusam holiday and mommy was saying that she feels like going out and we decided to bring her to Ipoh for a day trip. Is so happy to bring her out because she hardly wants to go out.

So, the first stop when we reached Ipoh is we went to Chang Jiang White Coffee at Jalan Windsor, 30250 Ipoh, Perak. This place was recommended by mommy friend and it seems they are well known with their signature noodle. So we ordered their signature noodle, white coffee and toasted bread. We share our meal because we wanted to try out all the nice food in Ipoh.Food not bad. I love the coffee the most actually. Is nice and “kaw”. The food that stick in mind is their kaya toast. Miss the taste.

Then, we drove to the destination where we plan to go earlier which is The Concubine of Ipoh. I never heard about this place until my mommy mention to me. It seems that this place is well known and is a street full of stores selling various items. This Concubine Lane is a historic site at 14, Lorowa Panglima (Off Jalan Panglima). When we go there aren’t many stores.

However, we manage to try out some of the desserts which are “Must Try” dessert when you are there.

Our first stop, Ding Feng Teow Chew Tau Fu Fa. Is inside the Concubine Lane. First time seeing so many types of Tau Fu Fa. We ordered Sea Bird Nest Tau Fu Fa, Teow Chew Tau Fu Fa and Tau Fu Fa ginger/white. I like the Sea Bird Nest Tau Fu Fa the most.

Second stop we went Second Mama Red Bean Ice. In here, we ordered their well known Red Bean. Taste not bad. We also ordered the pudding. I don’t really favour the pudding because is too sweet. My brother feels thirsty so he ordered Ice Kacang.

After the dessert, we feel full, unable to try new food. So we went exploring the Concubine Lane. I was impressed there is 3 version of Concubine Lane. However, I love the 3rd version the most because is I able to capture nice photo there.

After visiting Concubine Lane, nothing much we can do there, so while on the way back KL, we drop by Lin Sen Tong temple @ Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah for praying. Love the view of this temple.

So, mommy is satisfied with the on a day trip. Thanks to my brother too, he drove us there. Tiring, but as long as our mommy is happy, we are happy as well.