Customer Service & Right Attitude

What should you do if you are working with irresponsible people? Everybody want things to be perfect and hope that things go well. I also understand that nothing always goes right sometimes but it can’t be too frequent. As a front liner, I always wish that I able to provide the best services and best quality product to my customers. I always put myself in their shoe, as in if I were them, how I wanted it to be.

Sad to say that, not everybody has that kind of attitude. Humans are selfish. They only care about themselves. Just because they don’t have to face customers, they pretend don’t know and I name it the most powerful word that is always being used by the irresponsible person is “I Don’t Know”. When there are complaints which task is not done, they always say “I Don’t Know”. No sense of responsibility and no sense of ability.

In order to achieve more, everybody should work together and complete any task given on time. One person will not be able to achieve the best quality services. I have tried many times to explain to my colleague that customers services are very important, however, it does not seem they are listening and it does not seem important to them too.

I choose to let go with lecturing these irresponsible people and put my effort in providing best quality services to my customers on things which I able to take control.Nothing is perfect, but at least I try my very best. There are rooms for improvement, however, I believe, with my right attitude and thinking, I will be able to achieve more.

Biotherm Promotions

Is time to replenish my facial stock. Luckily I did not replenish earlier. Currently One Utama is having thematic booth which is “Be You” Roadshow. 

There are few beauty booth there, I can see Caring Pharmacy, O.P.I, thai message and a lot more.. The one I am interested is Biotherm Booth because is time for me to replenish my facial stock. I spend about RM970.00 and used RM100 Parkson voucher to buy Toner. So in actual I have spend about RM1k there…🙈😱Purchase with free gift. You will be rewarded with Funky Gift if you purchase RM150.00 and above. I purchase more than that 😝😂