Happy Deepavali


Today is a public holiday and I will like to take this chance to wish all my Indian friends, Happy Deepavali and to others Happy Holiday.

Deepavali is a festival of colours and I take this chance to illustrate the colourful artwork. My blog is about how I go thru my colourful life. I still searching for my colourful soul and hoping I will find it one day.  Today the whole day I was taking a long rest after breakfast because I haven’t been having a good sleep for quite some time. I thank you god for giving me this rest time, provide me with a good place to rest and meditate.

Deepavali 2017-01.png

Thank You, God.

Happy 2017

Time flies, today is the 4th day of 2017. The new year was hectic for me as I was busy with company annual dinner. After company annual dinner ended I got to rush back to hometown to attend my cousin wedding dinner which drops on 1st January 2017.

Begin my 2017 with all the rushing events because this whole month I will be rushing for my company Chinese New Year decorations and Chap Goh Mei’s event.

In the year 2017, I told myself to be more positive and focus on my resolutions. My 2017 resolutions are to ensure my life is filled with full colourful experience. No more gossip, no more bad temper and no more cursing. Focusing on the good thing and ignore the negativity.

So organising a Chap Goh Mei’s event will be a good start for me. Staying focus on my job and gain more confident in everything I do. Hope you guys able to support me. 



Raindrop Represent My Tears (Photoblog)

Recently, I have found out my passion hobby which is blogging. I am a person who does not know how to express my own feeling. I always keep it to myself. Sometimes, is really very tiring because is really pain inside me.

I notice that I able to express myself here. My wording might not be as good as a professional blogger; however, I wish to improve myself so that I able to write better.

Working life is tough recently. Confusion and negativity feeling increasing. Trying very hard now.

Recently is a raining season. Is also my feelings too. Tired, angry and disappointed. The raindrop represents my tears in my heart. Hoping everything will be better soon.


Long Long Way To Go (Photoblog)

How I see my life is “Long Long Way To Go”. At the age of 28 this year, I still have a long way to go before I gave up on anything. I am now learning not to be too offensive and learning not to give up easily.

Continue to walk forward, not walking backwards. There are a lot of devils around and I shall not be defeated by those devils.


Long Long Way To Go (Sekinchan)

Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney (Photography)

When I was travelling in Australia, we did not follow tour group. We self-travel, and that is why we manage to see more beautiful scene compare to following tour group.

This “Tall Tree” caught my attention when we are walking around Royal Botanic Garden. Standing high and tall among others tree confidently and the tree is surrounded with people. People who are relaxing and chit chat with family and friends.

Just like what people say, as long as you stand confidently and sincerely, you will be surrounded with friends. You do not have to go look for friends, friends will be with you automatically.


I Am Who I Am (Photography)

Recently I read an article by WordPress daily post about photo blogging. The Author encourage to photo blog and the blog is not necessary to need to lengthy of information. I love the idea and is also one of the things that I enjoy doing it now.

I realise that I have a lot of photos that I love which I did not share. Some of the photos that I captured is connected to myself. I hope that I able to express my feeling through these photos.

‘I am who I am” and nobody can change me. I love to be myself. I only able to avoid surrounding people who are not able to accept who I am. No matter how different I am from the surrounding, “I am who I am” =)


The Bridge to Beautiful Sea View (photography)

I always tell myself to be more confident and be more bold in making any decision. I done my 1st step 2 years ago where I come out from the department which I have worked for 4 years to explore more instead of just administrative task.

Someone did ask me before, “you sure you can do it? Outside world is very different from office”. I confidently told him “Yes, I can do it”.

And after 2 years, I still surviving, still learning, still exploring and very happy with what I’m doing.. My confident level is still not up to the level because I always worry about failing. So I’ll try my very best to improve.

This image below taken at my hometown, Kampung Chuah, Port Dickson.. and it surprise me that there is such beautiful place right behind my house. So what people say is true, if you don’t take a step out from your comfort zone, you will never notice there is a better place to be… 

I name it “The solid bridge lead to beautiful sea view”..2 years ago, if I did not voice out and force myself to take a step out from my comfort zone, I guess I will be struggling doing the job that I’m not passionate with. Today if I continue hiding in my house because is hot outside, I will never notice this beautiful place 😘

~Happy weekend~