Colourful Life Journey (Photoblog)

I always use this sentence "Life is Short" as a reminder. Why must we waste our life with dark colour? Why not make it colourful, so that we have a happy life. I am a whiner person. After so many years of being grumpy, I realise that I am not going to solve any problem... Continue Reading →

Simplicity Lifestyle (Photography)

I not too sure when, but I notice that I have changed ever since I grow older. I am assuming that this is what we always say, You have grown wiser. ^.^ When I was young, I always think that money is everything. I need to work hard for the money. I need the money in... Continue Reading →

I Am Who I Am (Photography)

Recently I read an article by WordPress daily post about photo blogging. The Author encourage to photo blog and the blog is not necessary to need to lengthy of information. I love the idea and is also one of the things that I enjoy doing it now. I realise that I have a lot of... Continue Reading →

Leura Railway Station (Photography)

Is been a year plus and I still miss travelling in Australia. Missing the clean fresh air and the relax moment. The place I miss the most is Blue Mountain and is a place I definitely going back. Blue Mountain is definitely a destination I will want to be if I want to escape from... Continue Reading →

Sunset Time (Photography)

I love the sky. The sky is where I feel I am near God. I love to capture a picture of the sky because I always feel they are special and they look very difference every single day. Every day I look up at the sky and ask, how can I escape from this cruel... Continue Reading →

Blue (Photography)

When life is too tiring to go on.. once a while we will have to look up to the sky and seek for GOD's comfort as only GOD able to comfort us without outbreak your feeling. Dear God, I am tired of seeking for direction. How can I go about it...

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