Blue Day~~ (Photoblog)


Another weekend ended. As usual, Monday is always being classified as “blue”.

Today is my Blue day too. Injured my leg after 10KM marathon run on last Saturday. Moving around is not convenient today. So today I will be doing more office task.

While going thru my photography, I was thinking why people always say “Monday Blue”. According to ColorMatters, Blue is embraced as a colour of heaven and authority. Most blues conveys a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness and understanding.

While reading further, then only I notice blue is symbolised as depression in American culture.  Now I know where Monday Blue come from.

But, in my opinion, I don’t feel the blue colour is that negative. Is nice and calm. Just like the blue flower. Feel so beautiful and sweet with the mixture of green. So Monday is not so blue anymore =) So, start searching my #ColourfulLife now…

Photo taken at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore during last year Christmas 2016.

IMPA & Tick Fever


Gosh, after one week of craziness, finally I am back to myself for now. Seriously, past week is my disaster week. My Monnie baby boy was affected by a virus called IMPA & Tick Fever. Guess what, I never know that this virus exists in this world.

The situation is after he is back from full grooming normally he will be very weak because he is feeling cold (his hair is very short after full grooming). So we did not notice anything wrong with him after few days and he is getting weaker, not eating his food and worst not able to walk as well. There is where we realise something is really not right.

We thought he is just feeling cold and tired.

We decided to bring him to Vet for a check-up. True enough, he is affected by serious illness which is call IMPA and also tick fever. Is so bad that his blood PCV left back 8% whereby normal dog PCV is 29% and above. Worst, doctor was telling me he is in a very critical situation and asking me to get ready myself.

I nearly collapsed in the clinic. I was crying non-stop because I just couldn’t accept with what I have just heard. Can’t do much, I can only pray very hard and be strong for him and at that moment, I seriously still do not know what is the illness, what doctor say is the virus is eating his red blood cell and he needs a blood transfusion immediately. I can only ask the doctor to proceed whatever needed because I just want him to be alive. So at that day, my boy have to be admitted to hospital while waiting for the blood donor.

I drop by around evening to visit him and my heart breaks into pieces when I see him in the cubicle, wanted to go home but I can’t bring him home. Oh my baby, I feel very hopeless at that moment because I just wish I can stay with him.


Stuck inside a small cubicle. 

I went back home with heartbreak feeling. On my laptop and do some research on IMPA.What is IMPA? What are the Signs & Symptoms?

Immune-mediated polyarthritis (IMPA) is a disease in which the immune system mounts an inflammatory response within the joints, causing pain, swelling and difficulty walking. In IMPA, the immune system is inappropriately activated to send white blood cells to the joints. The white blood cells release chemicals and enzymes into the fluid that bathes the joints, disrupting the protective function of this fluid. A diagnosis of IMPA is made after the veterinarian is certain that there is not an underlying infection or cancer that may have triggered swelling in the joints. Because the white blood cells are attacking the joints inappropriately, IMPA is sometimes called an autoimmune disease. IMPA can occur independently or in combination with more severe immune-mediated disease in which other body systems are affected. IMPA is seen more commonly in dogs than cats but can occur in both species.IMPA causes sore, swollen joints; patients are often lethargic and reluctant to move. 

IMPA causes sore, swollen joints; patients are often lethargic and reluctant to move. Frequently the patient will walk only when forced. In the early phase of the disease, the patient may only have a low-grade fever or poor appetite. (

Is exactly what happen to my boy. My god! Is an eye opener for all of us about this virus. It nearly kills my boy. With this IMPA virus add on with the tick fever (which is caused by tick bite), they nearly killed me as well.

Poor boy, I thought he can go home as during morning the PCV is 18%, but the PCV drop to 16% at the evening. 

On the 6th day of the admission, I decided to bring him home. I told the doctor I understand the risk that I will be facing, but I just couldn’t leave him there alone with other big dogs. To add on, he is not eating. Doctor have to force feed him. I just couldn’t stand anymore. IMG_9204.JPG

Finally, he is home. Still very weak, but at least he is home with us. 

So he still has to go back to the clinic for PVC checkup every day. So for this week, it will be bit rush as I have to excuse myself from office for about an hour (I skip my lunch) to go clinic. As for todate, his PCV went up to 20%. Just need a few more days to confirm he is really stable.

So, for the dog lovers, please do a lot of tick prevention to avoid the virus. No joke in this as it will take your soul away too. I am lucky because god heard my prayer. Finally, I can get back to my life again.

또 만나요



Toyota All New Innova Preview


It was a wonderful night yesterday as my family and I have the privilege to join the Toyota All New Innova Preview.

We are very close to one of the salesmen as my family is always a Toyota supporter. It terms of car value and quality and services, Toyota is still the best.

My mum has been making a lot of noise that we need a bigger MPV because current MPV which is an Avanza is too small for 7 of us. Guess we are too fat =.=”

So, we got to know that Toyota is launching the new Innova and the salesmen registered us to attend the preview launching, The event was held at KLCC.  This is the first time we experience the preview dinner. It was so grand and the setting up for the event is so wonderful that all of us really enjoy the night.

During that night, there are few activities which are the lucky draw and also international performance. My family was very lucky as out of hundred participants, 2 of our numbers was chosen as a lucky number. We received RM100 touch & go cash and RM200 touch & go cash.

The food was delicious too. Is a refreshment, however, in my opinion, is a very heavy refreshment as towards the end I don’t even need to eat dinner. My mum has decided to go for the Innova. So we shall wait for the launching at Toyota Sales Center.

Some of the picture I manage to capture during the event and is a wonderful experience for me too before ending 2016.

Hello December 2016


Practising my Korean now as I am taking Korean Language Class =)

December 2016 has arrived and goodbye to November 2016. Time flies and another year goes by. I have been reflecting myself very frequently recently as in what have I done in the year of 2016.

As to date, I found that I love blogging. I love to express myself through blogging and I love to share my photography. Of course, I am not expert now. My photograph is not as beautiful as many experts. I still learning. Learning to be better.

I will be bringing my Fuchiko x Hello Kitty travelling now so that they can explore with me. Recently bought them to Taman Melawati, Kuala Selangor for shooting. Instead of publishing my Monkey King photo, I decided to introduce them first.

감사합니가 (Thank you)

Raindrop Represent My Tears (Photoblog)

Recently, I have found out my passion hobby which is blogging. I am a person who does not know how to express my own feeling. I always keep it to myself. Sometimes, is really very tiring because is really pain inside me.

I notice that I able to express myself here. My wording might not be as good as a professional blogger; however, I wish to improve myself so that I able to write better.

Working life is tough recently. Confusion and negativity feeling increasing. Trying very hard now.

Recently is a raining season. Is also my feelings too. Tired, angry and disappointed. The raindrop represents my tears in my heart. Hoping everything will be better soon.


Pink Flower (Photoblog)

I always remind myself that life is very short. That is why I will always tell myself, appreciate what I ever I have right now.

I always appreciate nature. I always feel they are very special because they are beautiful and I think they are the only one who will not sabotage anyone.

I always love the pink colour. They always look sweet and nice. That is why nature with pink colour always attract my attention. Snap this flower at Hang Zhou, China.

Even though I love Pink, but I am not a girlish person. I am a person who people always call, Alpha Girl.

Pink isn’t just a colour, is an attitude. ^.^hang-zhou