Present For Baby Arielle

Yap, I have been missing in action for close to 5 months =X

Busy with my work, busy moving on planning and arranging for my crochet passion, and with my little baby monster =P

I didn’t want to complain and I didn’t want to rush and I didn’t want to give myself too much stress, so I decided to take it slow but consistent now.

How I continue my passion for handmade is by making them as a gift for friends and family. It feels so intimidating and at the same time, the gift is like a “Limited Edition” gift to them LOL ~~

So, one of my friends has given birth to a baby girl. So I decided to crochet a doll for her baby girl and embroid her baby girl’s name on the baby swaddle.

Isn’t it lovely? I loved it. You can get the free pattern of the little girl at Beary_Bearnity Instagram (I have shared my link below). Try it, is a very simple pattern.

Amigurumi Pattern by: Beary_Bearnita

Hopefully, they will love the gift and enjoy the swaddle.

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