Why I Refuse To Turn My Hobby Into My Full Time Job

I love to crochet and I love to explore handcrafting because I feel very relaxed and able to release my stress after a long day stressful moment at the office. If you are interested to see my artwork you can refer here =)

Some of my friends and family also use to tell me, why not turn my handcraft hobby into my passion and a full-time job. I do consider it previously because I wanted to remove myself from the corporate world.

Slowly I notice something~~~ human behavior is very unpredictable especially “CUSTOMERS”. Humans became very demanding and unkind when they are using their money to pay for the item (not all of course but some~~~)

I experience this bad behavior of “customers” in my current job. The demand and forcing attitude is so rough sometimes I really feel like telling them off but as a frontline person, we have to keep our company image priority, I have to just keep quiet and try my best to calm them down.

Eventually, I start to feel that is really not a good idea to turn my hobby into my full-time job because customer demand is sometimes very unreasonable and unkind. I do not want my one and only stress relieved happiness to turn into a nightmare.

The comic version by simplesum.com is from the true story…

Sauce of artwork

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