Life Can Be Simple

Is Monday again and as usual Monday traffic is making me crazy. I blame myself for sleeping late yesterday because I was going through some articles. Recently I try to avoid scrolling through Instagram and Facebook because I notice scrolling through them is very addictive =.=” Sometimes I didn’t notice is already passed my sleeping time.

So I think it will be better if I read articles instead of scrolling on social media. One of the articles that caught my attention is Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi’s article which is 4 Simple Things That You’re Unknowingly Complicated. Simple article with a positive message.

A note to take away from this article is

Be more aware of yourself and what’s not alright, and hop on to the present to know that sometimes it’s your mind screwing with you. The picture it paints isn’t the reality. We’re stressed out, overworked, hyperstimulated with notifications, and constantly swiping on watching people live their best lives“.

Everybody has their own type of stress to go through daily. Stress can be positive stress or negative stress. Social Media can also be positive stress because we can get some new ideas from influencers if we get the message correctly. If not, it will drop to negative stress. We should let go of some unnecessary stress and stop comparing.

We live our own lives for ourselves and our family, not for other people.

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