Happy Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day for 2nd year as a mother myself. How do I feel? Feeling more like a “Mother” now. Last year, I feel I am like a confused and lost mother because I had only been a mother for a few months. I still have a long way to go and more things to learn to become a good Mother.

I am glad that I have a Great Mother guiding me to be a Good Mother. I tell myself that I need to be strong for my girl too so that she will feel safe and supported whenever she needs it just like how my mother makes me feel now. Thank you, mommy.

So I saw this cute pattern at Furls Fiberarts. Is a Mother’s Day crochet pattern which is ICE CREAM Amigurumi! So I decided to make one. A simple pattern that is easy to follow for beginners as well. I use only 1 strand of yarn instead of 2 strands. If you want the Ice Cream to be bigger, you can use 2 strands of yarn, but I prefer it to be small so that I can use it as a key chain =)

Those we are interested to make can follow the steps in the below link because the pattern owner has split it into 3 parts:

Part 1: Material to prepare

Part 2: Mama Scoop & Baby Scoop Pattern

Part 3: The cone pattern

Enjoy Crocheting

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