Simple Crochet Pattern Baby Dress and Hair Band


Busy Busy Busy~~~

I was kind of busy with my office work and with my little girl. Of course, she is growing up healthy but as I always mentioned, thanks to my family member who supported me all this while. Else, I will never be able to go through my motherhood if I am alone.

Out of the blue moon, I feel like crocheting a dress for her. I am more with amigurumi so I was a bit lost with apparel because of the sizes. Is always either too big or small (mostly is small =.=”). So I was kind of frustrated. I found one YouTube video shared by Wooly Wonders Crochet. Suitable for beginners because is very easy to follow. Of course, the sizes depend on the crochet hook and yarn. I used 8ply cotton yarn and 6MM Clover crochet hook.

As for the headband pattern, I get it from Winding Road Crochet. Honestly, I was a bit frustrated with this website because a lot of advertising pooping and it slow down my computer (maybe because my Macbook Pro is too old already =P). For this pattern, because I used the 8ply cotton yarn and 6mm clover hook, I used the “child” size pattern with an additional 6 chains from the 1st role.

Loving the salmon-orange colour yarn. The outcome is not so bad. Satisfy with the final project. Those who are interested can try the pattern. Enjoy crocheting~~

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