Happiness is enjoying the little things in life.

I believe most people will say “I will be happy if………”

The If is always there. Me neither. I am going to be very honest, I do complaint alot. I slowly learn that complaining is not helping and complaining without action is not going to resolve any problem I facing.

There is where I start to venture my journey of living in simplicity / minimalist and noting down all my gratitude journey in my Gratitude Journal.

Some says a person who spend too much time on social media is not a happy person especially when they like to compare themself with the so called successful social media influencer. Nothing is enough for them. I like the sharing by The Budding Optimist. She shared the 7 simple tips to help you enjoy the little thing in life. Actually if we learn seeing the world through a child’s eye, you will be happy with everything you experiencing.

In my opinion, nothing wrong with social media, if we are following the right influencer. Is really depends who you are following. If you are following those sharing about materialistic, you will start to wanting to own everything they are promoting (do not forget, they get paid for everything they wearing / using) and you are not but instead, you are paying for their salary =P One of the point shared by The Budding Optimist is true, seek out positive influences. I have been following a few as below:

  1. Dhar Mann – He create positive videos and those videos are very inspiring and is good to watch together with your children for their awareness to spread kindness.
  2. Becomingminimalist – He shared his article about living minimalist and owning less things for happiness.
  3. The Simplicity Habit – She shared about living in simplicity lifestyle and decluttering
  4. TinyBuddha – I love reading the quotes. Gives me inspiration for a better lifestyle.

So, in order to have a better lifestyle, start enjoying every little things around us.

Hello August 2021.

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