I Now Realise,Nothing Is Perfect

I now realise, Nothing Is Perfect.

I get very frustrated when things did not went well as I plan and it did not went well as what I think I want it to be. I get upset and emotional and I start crying. This habit started since I delivered a baby. Each day, I become very demotivated and started to hate myself and I feel like a failure.

That is why people always say reading broaden your mind. I read an article that opens up my mind from Tiny Buddha that A Beautiful Thing Is Never Perfect. The world is moving so fast and we are pushing each others to be the “greatest” person. This progress trick us into always wanting something else to cure our unhappiness. It makes us overlook that in actual our life is already beautiful and amazing as it is.

I get demotivated and frustrated when my work did not complete as how I want it to be. I get angry and disappointed when my crochet project did not complete as I planned and when I did not update my journal. Now that I think about it, I laugh at myself. How silly I am. I should understand one thing, I work for money, I crochet for happiness, I journal for being grateful with my life.

Working is my main income and in 1 day I need to spent 8.5 hours to work, I need to share my balance 6 hours (I try sleep at 11pm) of my timing for my daughter and my crochet journey and journal blogging. I should not waste it on the negative energy. Crochet suppose to be my happiness, so I should take it easy, if I not able to complete it in time, I still have tomorrow. Is not like I crochet for money. Journalling suppose to makes me feel grateful with my life, if I not able to write it down, I can simple paint it out although I am not a artist, but I can draw / paint for myself. Is not like I painting for business =)

I am learning to slow down to see more happiness. How about you?

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