My ‘Fiete’ Paper Boat

I am guessing everybody will surely have 1 idol that they love and always following them. For me, ever since I love to crochet (which is like 3 years ago), I love crochet amigurumi. One of my favorite amigurumi designers is Lalylala.

Recently I completed Fiete Paper Boat. Due to the pandemic, everybody not able to travel. Definitely, everybody misses traveling very much, me either. That is why I decided to crochet the cute doll.

The pattern is not very difficult for the body part, but the boat (cap) part is a bit challenging because of the Front Post / Back Post Double Crochet. I got stuck quite some time there =P. Most of it is basic Single Crochet, Double Crochet, Decrease and Increase stitch. For this pattern, we can sell the finished work provided we give credit to the designer. I still considering if I want to sell my ready doll Fiete or not.

Those interested can purchase at Laly Lala Etsy account.

For those who love crochet, who is your favorite crochet designer?

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