Lovely Cinnamoroll Crochet Doll

Recently I saw a video (I think is a Tik Tok video), a new mother is struggling with her new born. She did not sleep well for quite sometime and she is not feeling well. She feel very exhausted and feel like a failure. She just want to be a good mother but it looks difficult. Honestly, I feel her. I struggle the same situation and I cried every night. I feel like I fail to be a good mother.

Everything start to go well after I decided to stop my breastfeeding and I start journaling and continue crochet my amigurumi. Crochet and journaling lead me to happiness. I seriously wish all new mothers to get well soon and be a happy mother. I still face obstacle during taking care of my baby girl, but is bearable because my mom is around to advise me and my husband is very helpful and supportive when he is around. Thank you god, I am very grateful.

So, today I wanted to share my lovely Cinnamoroll crochet doll. Two different types of yarn and two different feel.

The first image I used double 8 ply cotton yarn. Didn’t expect the outcome will be so cute. The second image, I used Scheepjes Catona 4 ply mercerised cotton. The size is smaller because is 4 ply yarn, so I turn it into cute memo note holder where I selling it at my shopee store.

Those who interested to make one, can download the pattern at greatamigurumi blog page. This pattern owner is DD’s Crochet and is free.

Ok… I am not a long winded person, I am going to stop here because I want to continue my in progress project. I wish I can share more project here. I set a target, every Monday will be my blog post sharing day =) Follow me for more sharing… Let’s grow through together what we go through.

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