What Types Of “Journaling” You Are?

Do you love journaling or do you keep a diary for yourself?

I am obsessed with stationary and diary since I’m young. However, I do have problem completing the diary/journal. Every time it will be half way through and I will stop and always end up with a new diary/ journal. I feel bad because it shows that I am a easy to give up person. =.=”

Last year, I tell myself to be consistent and never stop half way journaling again. I push myself to write something everyday. A short sentence or a great quotation or something I am grateful of so that I will always stay positive and motivated and continue to search for the life I dream off.

Early of this year, I decided to have 2 types of journal. One is for my crochet / art and craft journey and another one is for my baby girl journey. I know a lot people will tell me, you can keep softcopy, but don’t you think note it down with our handwriting is more memorable when they look back one day =)

I used Midori Traveler’s Notebook to write down my girl’s growing up memory because TN makes me feel I am traveling with my new life as a mother and I like the idea that I can add my preferred insert myself and I am flexible with the types of insert.

As for my crochet/ art and craft journal, I choose Hobonichi Techo because I like their A6 size where I can keep in my bag and with their daily page, I will push myself to write down my daily grateful event with my art and craft. The size is just nice for me to write down anything daily.

So, do you wish to start a journal / diary too? Seriously is not hard and you will enjoy the journaling feeling especially one day you bring it out and look back what you have written. If you are not sure what types of journaling you are going for, maybe you can have a look at MBS With Calie. She shared about 15 Different Types Of Journals To Keep.

Enjoy your journaling process~~

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