Rose Flora Say Hello June 2021

Here we are….Welcoming month of June 2021. Half a year gone with a-lots of ups and downs and this time round another round of lock down for another 2 weeks in Malaysia.

Stuck at home with a baby and office works makes it even stressful.I know is going to be a stressful FMCO (Full Movement Control Order).I know everyone is very frustrated with all the mess and with all the uncertainty including me, but I am reminding myself that I need to stick to my plan and objective, to also appreciate and enjoy everything I have right now because gratitude helps you to see what’s there instead of what isn’t.

Recently I have completed another cute little crochet doll and her name is Rose Flora. Pattern is from Lalylala. This pattern is not very difficult as long you know the basic stitch. I wanted to sell my handmade doll, but I notice towards the end of pattern document, the owner of pattern mentioned that is only for personal use unless it is sell for charity purpose. Obviously I have to respect the pattern owner request although I bought the pattern. So I am going to keep Rose Flora for my own personal use =)

This month started with not a very nice way, but I try to Live like flowers~~~ wild and beautiful and drenched in sun – Ellen Everett.

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