Lamb Lupo Crochet Doll

I recently completed a cute little doll crochet which I put it to sale at my shopee account. I have done one earlier using the Scheepjes Catona yarn is for my daughter. The end result is cute but I feel the Catona material is bit hard because is mercerised type.So I decided to use the cotton yarn 8ply yarn to make another Lamb Lupo that can be sale on my shopee website.

The left Lamb Lupo is done by 8ply cotton yarn and the right Lamb Lupo is by 4ply cotton yarn. Pattern by: #lalylala

This is the first time I purchase Lalylaland pattern. Overall the pattern is not very difficult, but it will take bit time because of the Bobble Stitch. It took me quite some time to complete the doll for my daughter, partly because I was struggling with my time to do my crochet project with my newborn earlier.

Whoever is interested with the Lamb Lupo ready doll can visit my shopee account. Whoever want the pattern can visit Lalylaland Etsy account to purchase the pattern. This pattern final doll can be sold provided they are handmade by yourself in a limited number and give credit to designer.

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