520 = I Love You —> Journaling

Yesterday is I Love You day because is May 20th. Honestly, earlier I was a bit lost and asking what is 520. Than people tell me 520 if you pronounce it in mandarin it will sounds like I Love You (Woh Ai Ni) =P Interesting right how people can create a special day. Everybody want to remember sweet memories.

Very coincidence, I bought a present for myself and it arrived on the “I Love You” day. A Hobonichi Techo journal. I guess is a memorable and good start present for me ^.^ Ever since I start working, everyday is an exhausted day because day time I will be busy with work and after work I will be busy planning my dreams + taking care of my daughter. Journaling has become part of my life because ever since I have my little princess with me, I notice my life has no longer same like last time. I wish I can note down my journey while I still alive in this world.

Earlier I got myself a Traveler’s Notebook to note down my journey as a #Mommylife. I decided to have seperate journal to note down my #crochetlife journey. I seriously not sure if I will reached my goals and dreams or not but I will keep on trying and if one day I have reach the destination, I wish to look back how I walk through it.

I bought my Hobonichi Techo at Stickerrific online shop and they are having “AMAYZING” sales. The moment I saw this Hobonichi cover I fell in love with it. Once I read the background of this cover, without hesitation I put them into my trolley cart. My husband will definitely say are you crazy? you spend RM200++ on a notebook. But I believe this is not going to be a normal notebook. Is going to be “My Story Book” because it promises to bring joy, amusement, and hope to its user.

When life gives you lemon, make orange juice and leave the world wondering how you did it

Happy Weekend~~ and Stay Safe

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