Happy Mother’s Day

I know is a bit late to wish, but the memory of celebrating Mother’s Day is still so sweet in my mind. This year is a special year for me. Every year, I will be wishing my mom, my mother in law, my godmother and all my aunties, but this year, I get to wish myself Happy Mother’s Day.

I Love You Baby Princess, Hopefully you like the blanket mommy handmade for you.

Being a mother myself now, I sometimes do wonder how did my mom able to managed 3 childrens last time. How she managed her time. Did she sacrifice her dreams to take care of us. I only have 1 baby and I already start going haywire with my timing and also my schedule. Is tiring because in order for not giving up my dreams, I need to sacrifice my sleep and also my rest time. Sometimes I do cry because I feel exhausted but I try to stand up again because I know if I stop, I will no longer reach the place I wanted to go.

I start selling online now. Please do support my Shopee Account : KittyPiggy Handmade. Is nothing much thing there as for now, but I will slowly add more things inside. One day I wish to have my own studio/shop to sell my project.

“Never Never Never Give Up – Windston Churchill”

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