Toughest Job In This World

I have been staying at home as a full time mother for about 2 months ++ and need to go back to work next month. I have 15 more days to be a full time mommy. In this 2 months, I am very lucky to have my mom helping me because sometimes I really need a time off for myself to cool down my mind.

Today, I learn that the only job in this world that you can’t apply medical leave or emergency leave is MOTHER. No matter how tired, how exhausted, how frustrated or how bad you are sick or injured, you still need to work for your child. Seriously, this is the toughest JOB in this world.

As a new mommy, I still have a lot to learn. Thanks to The Asian Parent helping me go through the tough moment and providing a lot of guidance. I manage to get a lot of different information and guidance from other mommies.

Journaling with my girl

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