Adapting New Life Style


Yap, is been sometimes I didn’t update my page. This is because I am busy trying to adapt with my new life.

I just delivered a baby girl, Yes is my first child and I am going crazy with her 😥. No wonder people always say you will never know how difficult your mom raised you till you become a mom yourself. Now I know~~~

As a new mom, I notice one thing for sure that we need the most is TIME! I notice I don’t have enough time to:

  • Sleep – my girl need feeding every 2 hours
  • Read – when she sleeping, I need to rest because my mom say during confinement we need to lie down to avoid back pain
  • Come out with new crochet project (I doing crochet amigurumi as side income) – most of the time she need somebody cuddle her, if not she will get agitated 😣

Yes, my new crazy life making me crazy and inpatient. Worst part is sometimes I wish I can turn back the time 😂

My Crazy Life Begin

Last time I never understand why there is mommy will throw their new born down the building or suffocate their new born. Now I truly understand why because I have the intension as well. This is because, we don’t know how and why our new born want when they start crying.

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