Walk Away~~

In life, we meet a lot of different kinds of people. Some are kind, some are demanding, some are selfish and pathetic some are rude and many many kinds more. However, there is one thing I am well aware is I won’t be able to change their thinking and behaviour. No matter how I wish the World to have more kind and grateful people, there is always such a negative kind of people around. 

I do get frustrated sometimes and I always very upset when I meet the negative kind of people. I normally try to make them understand and spread more kindness and be more respectful. However, no matter how much I try, I get more shouting and angry people at me. 

I learned to walk away now. I learned to avoid keeping this kind of experience in my memory. I learned to ignore and never comment additional because whenever I try to change them it will always end up I am the bad person.



I am tired and wish to walk away from all these negative energies. 


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