Love Is In The Air (Crochet Pattern)


Something comes unexpected and I was trying to accept it and learning how to go through it. That is why this week I posted this project a bit late. I use this week to learn a new crochet skill. I always wonder how people crochet the blanket with some design in it. I wanted to make one for my brother’s baby which will be due on September 2020.

So I started with this basic pattern shared by Lovable Loops.  This crochet pattern name C2C (Corner to Corner). Cool… I learn new skill again. This skill is not very difficult but is not very easy too. In the beginning, you get a bit confused because you try to understand the grid table pattern and how to join them. After a while, you get used to it =)

Tada~~~ I took 3 days to complete this without the border yet because I was a bit busy with my office work recently and when I reached home I was like “dead”. I love the outcome and of course, I always love the Sky Blue and Salmon Orange colour mixture. I called this blanket “Love Is In The Air” because I wish to the World to have more love and more peace. The World needs more kind people. =,(


I notice crochet really create peace and fun. Let’s learn the fun together and spread more positive energy around.

Happy Weekend Everybody~~

#StaySafe #BeSafe

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