We Choose What We Want For Our Life


Again, the weekend is coming and another relaxing plans to be make. Sometimes I do wonder can I just sit down and do nothing during weekend? I did tried, but it didn’t works because at then end, I feel that the time of doing nothing is a bit wasted. That is how my crochet hobby life started.

I actually feel grateful that I did take initiative to explore and to learn new things. If I decided to sit down everyday and just complaint whenever there are challenges and problems, I will definitely not going to be happy with my life and there will be no improvement of moving forward.

So be aware of your beliefs

I believe I can share more happiness and explore more colourful life for happiness. I really want to thank to those who followed me on my Facebook page, Kittypiggy Handmade. Together, we can share more happiness and colourful life. Life does not have to be black and white always =)

Happy Weekend and Have a Great Time With Your Love One =)

#StaySafe #BeSafe

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