Do Not Try To Control Those Around You!


Have you ever feel frustrated and upset when the person did not follow the way you think it should be. This is Human. They will only see other humans mistake and will always think that our way is the right way.

This always happen to me in my work life circle and also my personal life circle. I struggle to make people understand what I want and how I feel. Of course, till to date, I will still very upset with some of my clients and also my partner actions. Everybody has their own opinion and their own respond. They will always think they are right.

I am reading this book by Haemin Sunim. He mention that:

Do Not Try To Control Those Around You. When You Cannot Control Even Your Own Mind, What Makes You Think You Can Control Others.

Then I realize, is so true, I can’t even control my own mindset sometimes, How can I control the way other people react. Especially your LOVE one.

I like this article wrote by Brian Pennie. You Cannot Change Anyone Especially The People You Love. I want to highlight the part which attracted me the most is “The Selfish Change” where firstly we have to look for yourself first. Sound very selfish but if you can’t change other people if they don’t want to change, so why feel guilty about it.

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I guess the best is focus what we can do instead of being upset on something we not able to control. I want to thank all the bloggers for writing all the positive article so that I can keep myself reminded whenever I feeling down.

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