Take This Time To Slow Down and Be Kind


The world economy is moving really slow now. Everybody is very stress. I think business owner stress level is higher, but I sincerely hope that while business owner is stress for surviving they will also treat their employee with kindness and respect. If retrenchment is a no choice, please tell your employee the truth instead of finding bad excuses to throw them out from the company.

My friend shared with me that one of her friend received a notice from her company that because of her poor performance in the last 2 months, she is force to leave the company. I was like… Huh??? This is bad. What kind of reason is that? Obviously employee performance will be poor because the whole world is slowing down this 2 months.

I am grateful. My company want to keep all employee, so the higher management have no choice to inform us that they have to a pay cut. When I received the news, I fully accepted it without doubt and complain because I understand most of the company is struggling and they have so many employee to take care. Gratefully, I have already start living minimalist for quite a while before this downtime, so reducing salary is not really affecting me. For those with higher commitment, it might be a struggle, but this might be a good time to also review your expenses and also your lifestyle.

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Everybody have their own challenges, but we should find a way to improve our life. As usual, I always remind myself that complaining will not resolve anything, if you want to be happy, find the way to be happy. If you want to have peace than find something that able to give you a “ME” time.

My life goals is to have colourful, peaceful and quiet life. That is the reason why I choose crochet and watercolour art as my “Me” time because this two activities need quiet and peaceful surrounding to complete it. Is not perfect because drawing is not my expertise, but it gives me satisfaction because I know at least I try~~~ Thanks to Midori Studio for having draw together yesterday.

Happy Friday and hope everybody is keeping themselves safe.

#BeSafe #StaySafe

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