Treasures That I Found During This Movement Control Order


My working life begins to go back to normal as our government has announced that 4th May most of the company may start work except those entertainment and those involving crowd they are not allow to operate their business. The movement control is not fully lifted but partially in order to ease the movement control.

During this Movement Control, I really have learn a lot of things. One of the most important lesson I have learned during this period is never be a Lazy Thinker. Ever since I make myself to think more, I feel that I am more productive compare to earlier.

I found out:

  1. My thinking spot which is while doing my crochet project. I notice that I am thinking and analysing what I am thinking while doing crochet. That is where I found a way to move forward to find more happiness and to share more happiness.
  2. The material will never be permanent happiness. I can spend money to buy something in order to release my stress, but I never solved the problem that makes me stress. Knowledge and experience will be your forever happiness because with knowledge I manage to solve my issues and with the experience I will never make the same mistake.
  3. I can do Yoga =) Gym is not operating, no problem I have YouTube =)
  4. I want to share happiness by teaching crochet class, I found out that the feeling of completed the project is indescribable. (Of course I have to delay this planning first due to the current pandemic).
  5. I am a lucky girl because I am perfectly healthy and I just need to do more creative thinking in order to learn more.
  6. Actually, I don’t hate my job. I just too lazy to think about how to make my job smoother or to look for a solutions when problem arises.


I have found my treasures during this difficult period of time. How about you?

#StaySafe #BeSafe

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