Are You A Lazy Thinker?


Are you a “YES”, “OK”, “ANYTHING WILL DO”, “YOU DECIDE” person?

I have to tell you very honestly, I am. I am a very lazy thinker person. I hate to think or more professional word “Critical Thinking”. I am a person who always says “Anything Will Do”. That is why sometimes my husband gets very frustrated with me because whenever he asked me something I will just tell him “Anything, you can decide”, “OK, I have no opinion” or worst I will just look at him and smile and let the question flew in the air..

Thanks to Movement Control Order, I have been spending a lot of time to do the thinking. I have been reading a lot of motivation and happiness books and have spare some time to do Yoga and one day, while I am doing my crochet which is where I do my thinking, I asked myself, actually what is the point of reading those books if I am not Thinking in how to improve my Thinking.

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No point of reading without trying to understand and digest it into my brain. I am just wasting my time on reading. So I asked myself again, how not to be a Lazy Thinker? I found an article shared at Entrepreneur by a neuropsychologist, 5 Ways To Stop Lazy Thinking, and Start Making Better Decisions.

  1. Question Your Believe. 
    • When you accept ideas as logical and true because they sound believable, you commit belief bias. 
  2. Looks For Facts That Disprove Your Point.  
    • Being willing to collect evidence that disproves your point not only helps you anticipate problems but also makes your point stronger.
  3. Estimate The Odds of Success. 
    • When you choose your course based on a specific event without considering that event’s true probability, you’re showing another bias: base rate neglect.
  4. Considered You Might Be Wrong. 
    • What have you been wrong about in the past?
  5. Learn When To Follow Emotions And When To Ignore It.
    • Your feelings at the moment can distort your objectivity and influence how you judge a person or a situation. Positive emotions could make you overestimate your abilities, underestimate the risks, exaggerate potential gains and shift your priorities

Recently, because of this movement control, most of the business owner start to sell their products and services online. So, I guess you get to spend more easily now. Just need to click and your product will be sent right to your doorstep after a few days. There is a post catches my attention which is learning Kalimba Music Instrument Online.

I love music, I always wanted to learn a musical instrument. I have already private message the seller to get more information. Normally, I will immediately click and pay straight but this time, I sit down and think and I asked myself, I love music? or I love playing music? Do I enjoy making music or I enjoy listening to music? (Thanks to Mark Manson, I start to think through what I really want in my life) and my answer is I love music and I enjoy listening to music not playing or create a piece of music.

I believe I will not be spending so much time like how I spend my time in crocheting. If I have not been thinking through I will be already spending the money to buy the Kalimba and end up, it will be chuck aside again and it will be another waste item in my list =(

So, Keep Calm and Think Through Before You Proceed To Make Any Decision =)


Is not easy to practice critical thinking. I get a headache ever since I start doing thinking before I make any decision =P but thinking gives you the knowledge and you can make better decision and a better future.

#StaySafe #BeSafe


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