I Had A Sweet Dream <3


I had a very sweet dream last night. A dream that it feels so real and I don’t want to wake up. However, I still have to wake up to face the reality because this dream is just driving me living in the Fantasy World where it will not happen if I am just dreaming.

Without any action taken, a sweet dream is just a dream. It will never come true. I dream the world to have more humanity, kindness and LOVE. How I want this dream to come true is to continue doing my part as a contributor who share Happiness around.

 Little Dragon

Thank you to All About Mi sharing the cute little dragon pattern so that I can share the happiness with other people as well. My friend requested me to help her to do the Chinese Zodiac for her . She and her husband is Dragon and her baby is Pig. Special thanks to Crochet Cuties Pattern. The piggy pattern is in video forms. Is easier for beginners. There are 2 parts. Part 1 & Part 2.

Happy Family

Our Movement Control Order extended again until 12th May 2020.

#StaySafe and #BeSafe

Happy FriYAY and Happy Weekend~~~



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