Choosing Good Values For Life Happiness


Is Movement Control Order day 36 today in Malaysia.  Everybody is counting down for the MCO to be lifted. I received a lot message from my friends that company are preparing for the Post MCO process flow as in how shall we work after the MCO is lifted.

In the Rush

I not sure it will be lifted or not on the 28th April 2020 , but I appreciate the chance and the time given to think through and to read more what is worth for me to choose and focus. This MCO 42 days is just like my escape to “find myself” days.

In life, there are so many things we can choose and we have to choose what is the most important to us. Our values determine the metrics by which we measure ourselves and everyone else. Prioritize which values you valued the most in your life.

Mark Manson makes me realise that Life is not always PERFECT. How we react every actions will determine our Happiness. Happiness is controlled by we ourself. We should take the responsibility for every action we react/choose in our life.

Sometimes I get very upset when my client behaviour is so selfish and demanding and bossy. When this happen, I get so frustrated and feel so sad because I feel the World is full of selfish people. Now that I reflect back, why do I get upset on something that I unable to control. Their bad behaviour, bossy and selfish is not something I can control. I can choose to ignore and removed them from my memory after I soughted out their demanding request. I can control my happiness.

Mark explain what is Good Values Vs Bad Values in his article.

  • Evidence Base vs Emotion-Based
    • Most of us in most of the times make decision and are inspired to action via our feelings, rather than based on knowledge or information. People who lead their lives based on how they feel, they will constantly need more and more and more. We need to look for our life “purpose” but it should not merely through what feels good. It must be considered and reasoned.
  • Constructive vs Destructive Values
    • We have to determine what is actually spurring growth to us and what is actually harming our life.
  • Controllable vs Uncontrollable Values
    • When you value things that are outside your control, you essentially give up your life to that thing – Just Like Me =(

We need values We can control, otherwise our values control us. And that’s no bueno.

Mark Manson

So what is your Values? I choose Kindness and Joy & Happiness to be my priority values. How do I move on with these values? I need to plan it out and is my responsibility to react on these values that I have choosen.

#staysafe #besafe

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