Little Lamb Stay At Home


Is Control Movement Day 24 for Malaysia now. Today there will be another announcement whether the Control Movement will be extended or not. It is a very hard decision. If they don’t extend, the virus might spread, if they extend more small companies will be affected. This is really challenging for the decision-maker.

The Earth is tired of People I guess. Even I sometimes feel tired of People. Full of unappreciative and ungrateful People and Selfish. Hopefully, the Earth able to start working again once it has enough rest.

Sleepy Earth - Drawception

I am making a crochet craft as a wedding gift. Due to this movement control, the wedding event will have to be postponed until further notice. So I have more time to think about how to decorate the gift =)

Thanks to Storyland Amis Baby Lamb Pattern. Also, I learn a new stitch which is Berry Stitch. ^.^Y

Little Meh Meh_stay at Home

Happy Weekend everybody and have a great Easter celebration with your loved one.

#StaySafe #BeSafe

2 responses to “Little Lamb Stay At Home”

  1. Very cute little lambs. Stay safe 🌈

    1. Thanks Dear. You stay safe too =)

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