Mr. Moo Moo Cow Say Hello Friday~


I will remind myself that whatever I do, people will always talk about me. So might as well, I do something that will bring happiness and joy to my life instead of worrying what people will say about me because time flies very fast and today is already Friday again. Do not waste the time on something not meaningful to you.

Friday is my handcraft sharing day~~~

One of my friends asking if I sell my handcraft, I say not yet, but soon (which I already slowly starting). He asked me if I can make a bull for him, I say I cannot find a cute bull pattern but I found a cute cow pattern and he says ok. Thanks to Odinka’s World. Odinka World shares the pattern in video. Is easier for beginner to understand. 

Mr. Moo Moo

Mr. Moo Moo is waiting to be delivered to his new buddy, but due to MCO now, he has to wait a little longer ^.^ Y


Happy Weekend~~

#StaySafe #BeSafe #StayHome

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