How To Prepare Yourself For The Coming Crisis


The whole world is facing the virus crisis and also the economic crisis. The Employer is struggling to pay their Employee and Employee is worried that they will lose the job during this difficult period.

During this movement control period, everybody should really sit down and plan about the next move. Most of us should have extra spare time to do the thinking now. Instead of worrying about losing the job or company might be closing down, why not take this time to think about how to move on and prepare yourself to face this crisis. 

Why? because by sitting down and complaining and worrying about this crisis, it will not help anybody instead it will drag you to negative thinking and depression.

I have received an email from my company informing that they are facing challenges and have no choice to prepare for cutting operational cost. I am very lucky because I have prepared myself at a very early stage to face this crisis. How I prepare myself is by:

  1. List down what I Want vs Needs 
  2. Cut out all the unnecessary expenses – with the control movement, we only able to buy essential items. I guess this the best time to list down actually what you really need to spend monthly. Learn to live minimalist.
  3. Unsubscribe all the unused monthly subscriptions account – I just unsubscribe my Adobe Illustration account because for now I using Canva more for my blogging and my handcraft page and they have pay and free version. I using the free version until I am ready to subscribe to the paid version.
  4. Track your credit card usage – Everybody is buying things online and you will not aware of how much you have spent towards the end of the month when you need to pay. Every transaction you made, record down in your expenses sheet. I did that every time to keep myself updated on how much I have spent so far. I used a simple Excel sheet to track my credit card expenses. 
  5. Pay your installment and credit card payment on time – Always pay your installment and credit card payment on time and not the minimum amount to avoid accumulating interest. Accumulation of interest rate is a forever debt that will haunt you forever and the ball will keep rolling bigger and bigger.

It is not easy, but we have to start preparing for the worst.

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Happy Monday.

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2 responses to “How To Prepare Yourself For The Coming Crisis”

  1. Wise advice . It is an uncertain time & we need to spend our money carefully & save for what’s to come.

    1. Ya. Stay Safe and Strong =)

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